Thursday, 17 November 2011

City Life

Leather Jacket - Peacocks
Plaid Shirt - New Look
Plaid Scarf - Primark
Cardigan - New Look
Jeans - Topshop
White Leather Converse 
Hat - H&M
Cross Ring - Fashionology
Stone Ring - Ebay
(please ignore chipped nail polish!)

Today I bus'd it to Oxford Road to visit Whitworth Art Gallery and see an exhibition on 'Dark Matters' and I found myself dressing as a boy to do so. I can't wear this shirt without a leather jacket, I feel like too much of a lumberjack if I wear it alone, but more punk rock with the leather. Maybe the tartan scarf was too much but I need to wrap up warm today.
I'm not a hat person so I imagined myself throwing this one off in frustration ten minutes into my journey but I didn't, it stayed on, kept me warm and I actually really like it. Its an old one from 2 years ago, I rediscovered it this morning when I had greasy roots and no time to wash my hair. 

I won't talk to much about my rings, they're both new but I'm planning a whole ring collection post soon where I'll go into more detail. After visiting the gallery I trundled into the city centre to do some shopping (avoiding the H&M-Versace ordeal. And anyway, everything was sold out in 2 hours!) 
Did anyone actually manage to get any Versace goodies? My friend managed to get the shirt he wanted but he queued from 8am!!

Friday's are my free days but I'm heading into Uni non the less to hand in some library books and hopefully get some work done. A main assignment for us right now is focusing on the city, so everyday I'm thinking of things to photograph. I might even take a few cameras into Manchester tomorrow and snap some pictures of the famous and wonderful Christmas Markets! 




  1. Love your nails, so cute!

  2. So cute and cosy, love your scarf! Impressed by the dedication going in on your day off in your fresher year, seriously such a good way to be!

  3. I love your outfit!! I don't think the tartan scarf is too much, I think it looks awesome!

    Mabel Time

  4. You've got such a lovely blog x

  5. I know what you mean about hats, without seeing my reflection every so often I become convinced that I look ridiculous in hats. So I often abandon them after the leaving the house, but this one looks great on you x

  6. I LOVE your pastel nails! :)
    Also, you have impeccable layering ability. I've looked through your blog and I love all your looks.


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