Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Banana Bread

Today I baked my first banana bread loaf. I've never even tried banana bread before but the thought of banana in cake has always interested me. I used a recipe from the bbc website, strangely donated from John Barrowman of all people, but it turned out great! Its very simple and has a great flavour. I was a bit worried the banana flavour would overwhelm everything else but it was quite subtle, just the right amount.

If you want to try this for yourself you can follow the recipe here and my top tips and recommendations....

  • I used 4 small-medium bananas. The recipe calls for over-ripe ones but I actually can't stand the taste of over-ripe fruit so I mashed up some perfectly ripe ones, nice and yellow, not too hard.
  • Before adding the flour, the mixture is very very runny. The flour adds density and don't worry, it will come together.
  • The recipe states 1 hour in the oven on Gas Mark 4, but the top of the bread started to catch a little after 45mins, so I lowered the temperature to Gas Mark 3, and placed a piece of tin foil loosely over the cake to prevent it from burning.
  • Check on your banana bread every so often, but don't waft the oven door about, it will cause it to fall! Stick a long skewer into the bread to check its done. It will come out fairly clean with a few crumbs when it is ready.
  • The banana helps to keep the bread really moist, so it can be a little gooey - as long as its had an hour it will be fine!

Good luck! If you're trying this for the first time like me, follow the recipe carefully. Next time I'm going to add some cinnamon for a more festive banana bread. It would be lovely served warm with custard too!



  1. oh yuuuum I love banana cake, I'm deffo going to try this!

    Love Amie


  2. Oh my goddd, my mum always used to make banana bread!! Going to do this soon


  3. amazing! i love a bit of banana bread myself! gonna have a go at making this I reckon! x

  4. great recipe, I love banana cake and you just made me really wanna eat one right now xx

  5. I love banana bread, but have never tried to bake it! You've inspired me to give it a go... x

  6. I LOVE banana bread! It's my favourite sweet treat, my Mum is amazing at making it x


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