Thursday, 27 October 2011

DIY Galaxy Print Tee

After copious amounts of exposure to galaxy prints on the web or on the high street I decided I couldn't ignore the trend any longer! I've already made a stab at Galaxy Nails but I've been searching for a way to make my own galaxy print for clothing and was inspired by a few diy tutorials so I decided to give it a go and make one of my own too.

Ashley Gail from posted a wonderful step by step guide to creating your own galaxy t-shirt. I mainly stuck to her rules but added a few of my own ideas too....

The Finished Result:

How To Create Your Own...

plain black t-shirt
bleach in a spray bottle
an old toothbrush
an old paintbrush
small piece of sponge
gloves (optional)
plastic sheet to protect the carpet
plastic bag for inside your shirt

1. Lay out your t-shirt on a large bin bag or another plastic protective sheet. Place the plastic bag inside so any bleach does not seep through to the other side.
2. Start by spraying carefully but randomly with the bleach (you can also use baby sterilizing liquid like I did, almost the same thing.) 
3. You will see rusty red/orange marks begin to appear as if by magic. Speed up this process with your hairdryer on a low setting.

4. Once you have achieved a nice pattern, you can twist the fabric in the middle of the shirt to create a galaxy or star cluster.
5. Spray the centre of the twist liberally with bleach until desired effect has been reached.
6. Keep spraying wherever you need to - don't over do it though, less is sometimes more.

*NEW TOP TIP - When your bleached out top is completley dry (30-40mins) give it a rinse in luke warm water and let it dry out. This stops the bleach from working into the fabric any further and means it wont eat holes through your tshirt. When dry - continue with these steps....

7. Using white paint (fabric paint will not wash out) flick 'stars' on to the shirt using a stiff paintbrush or old toothbrush. Be careful but firm with your flicking action - larger gloops of paint just look like planets!
8. Add bigger white star clusters with your paintbrush or drip blobs of bleach on to the shirt to form a lovely constellation effect.

9. You can sponge on other colours of paint if you like, adding a bit of purple gives depth to your galaxy.
10. Leave to dry in a flat area overnight. Rinse with cold water the next day to get rid of the bleach smell.

Wear your new handmade galaxy tee with pride. Worthy of Urban Outfitters or even Christopher Kane!

Fabric Paints/Acrylic Paints may fade with time and through washing. 
If working inside open ALL windows. 
Try not to create perfection, a untidy splatter will look much more realistic.
Wear gloves if your bothered. Wash hands afterwards

I love how it turned out, and I already had all the items at home. I bought my t-shirts from Primark, in sizes too large for me so they would slightly loose. I also had a go using a navy blue tee, the bleach stained it a lovely pinky peach colour and I dabbed on purple paint with a sponge.

I also created this cross design using a stencil and being careful not to splatter the rest of the t-shirt. It's such a cheap and easy method to creating something unique and individual that no one else will own. You can try different colours of t-shirt to bleach to gain different effects, or different garments. This would work just as well on a pair of leggings or a little black dress (which is my next project!)

I'm thinking of making a few more galaxy print tees for selling if anyone would be interested in buying one? Let me know in the comments what you think...

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Update 17/05/2014 - I have an updated Galaxy Cropped Tee Tutorial - read it here.


  1. This is amazing! thanks for showing us how to make them! And selling them is such a good idea! xox

  2. LOVEEEEE!!!

  3. This is amazing, Gwen! I definitely want to try this- you are so talented!

    Charlotte x

  4. Cross one is amazing!!! I would buy one!! x

  5. I don't know if your aware of 'fashion rocks my socks' (rihannane)but I followed her tutorial for something similar, but I am now going to take the next step and do the cross... I LOVE IT!

  6. I would definitely buy the cross one if you put them up for sale! Really great idea x

  7. What a great idea! I love the cross one x

  8. You should definitely make some more cross ones! I would buy it!x

  9. These are great, the cross one especially has worked so well! Awesome.
    Hannah x

  10. I bloody LOVE this! They all look so good! Definately going to try my own very soon, thanks so much for sharing!

  11. The cross one is SO GOOD! They are all really good and you should definitely look in to making more and selling them! x

  12. So beauts!! Love all the design especially the black shirt with a cross design! Well done!


  13. so glad you liked my DIY !! i love the cross T !! they look lovely :)
    Ashley x

  14. i want to try this so much!
    i love them, especially the cross

  15. wow these really look amazing, love the Cross one looks really professional! xo

  16. i really like the cross one :) You could do like a heart shape one aswell :) xxx

  17. I love the idea of a dress with this effect on it! That could look really interesting.

  18. I saw a galaxy print top in urban outfitters that was amazing but way out of my budget - Thanks for this tutorial, it looks just as good! :)

  19. WOW! I love I love! I'll surely make a post inspiring by your amazing galaxy tutorial 'cause I'm really fond of galaxy stuff :)
    (sorry for my english, I'm French ahah!)

  20. ah my gosh they look awesome!
    i absolutely LOVE the cross printed one.

    f XO

  21. These look really good, particularly the cross one! I can't wait to have a go, and thanks for the great tutorial and tips! I love your creativity :)

    Nikki xxx

  22. This looks SO good, I really want to try it out! I especially love the cross one!

    L x

  23. I LOVE these! I am definitely going to try and make one but I'm certain I will fail! Hahaa :) xxxxx

  24. the cross one is beautiful :) i follow you <3

  25. love browsing your blog

    inspiring one

    hope you can visit mine too

  26. Oh my. I LOVE THIS! Good job! :D
    I wanna try this!

  27. Love love this!! They look fantastic!
    Definitely want to give it a go.

  28. AMAZING. I would definitely buy them if you ever thought of selling! x

  29. Now i know how to make it look more expensive.


  30. would defo buy the cross one!

  31. SWEETIE I love your idea because I'm gonna make one for my boyfriend and put a quote on it :)
    I found this article very useful and I'll show the results on my blog :)
    I follow you and I hope you to come round because I'll be publishing you just because of this amazing thing if you don't mind :)
    <3 Belle

  32. we tried this today...but it didnt happen anything to our cloths.
    we are from germany and we used a bleaching powder. we´ve put a lot of the powder in water.
    We were wondering if u used a special kind of bleach?
    we would be happy to here from u!
    greetings from germany...your tshirts look amazing
    Monique and Christina

    1. I'm not too sure what bleaching powder is - but I used liquid bleach from the supermarket. The kind you might use to clean a toilet!
      You can also use Milton or Baby Sterilising Fluid - this works particularly well.
      Thanks and hope this helps! x

    2. thank u :) we´ll try it and I will let u know when it works :)

  33. This is so great! I've been playing with bleaching slogans on to tees recently but this is definitely on my list to try out soon! nice work girl thanks for sharing :) x Rachel

  34. This is really amazing! I was just wondering if the color will fade/go off if I throw it in the washing machine?

  35. These r wiicked :)

    New follower


  36. wow:)
    It looks great:)
    Are you sure that I can use normal acryl paint?
    Because I can't finde fabric paint in the shops.....

  37. wow!It is so so attractive.I really like it a lot.Dye galaxy printt-shirtis so nice.Great job.I like this post.Thanks for sharing with us this wonderful thing.

  38. wow, this is such a great idea! i think i'll really try to do some shirts with stencils, it's just awesome! (:

  39. this looks amazing ! I would by the cross one !

  40. Hey :) I came across your blog after looking for 'D.I.Y Galaxy Print' yours is definitely the most impressive one I have found! Cannot wait to give it a go!! :)

    I am now following. What a great post, thanks!


    Click here to visit my blog – Hailes Hearts Fashion.

  41. What did you use for the stencil on the cross one? :)

  42. inspiratif ! very nice blog btw :)
    nice to found this blog am gonna be your fanssss!

  43. This is a great tutorial!! Oh, I love your blog :D

  44. What's the point of the lowercase T on the shirt? Your name doesn't begin with the letter T...


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  46. I did it! it actually looks grat. Thank you. Here is my result :).

  47. Made this a couple months ago....soo cute! I've gotten so many compliments on it! I also added a bit of glitter fabric glue, which added to its adorableness :)

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  49. Can you bleach over velvet fabric. I have an idea to create a velvet galaxy print dress. Gone sew it and everything.

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  63. My friend and i said we'd buy these off you

  64. It looks great...Thanks for sharing it!!!

    Crazy Bulk


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