Sunday, 16 October 2011

Cheap Frills

About a week ago I was contacted by the lovely Georgia from Cheap Frills and then not long after these beauties flew through my letterbox and I wanted to share them with you guys! Cheap Frills is a little online jewellery store specialising in vintage pieces.

I think they speak for themselves and I love them! Unfortunately my Queen Bee ring is missing a gem stone but I can get over it, its such a cute ring, unlike any others I own. Even though its not so big at 3cm wide, its the perfect statement ring, and I'll be wearing it just with a little black dress.
The 'Oui' necklace is probably my favourite, its the perfect length and perfect for layering up with other necklaces.

The prices are very reasonable, their lowest priced item is £6 and their highest is just £14. I'm not sure that I would personally pay £10 for the Oui Necklace but then again I would pay over £6 for this Bee Ring! Check out their other pieces, my favourites being these Cat Ears Rings and this Duchess Cameo Necklace

What do you think? Found any unique online jewellery stores recently, I'm always on the look out for more!



  1. The Queen Bee ring is utterly adorable! Sounds like there are loads of bargains to be had here!

  2. aww it well cute! they look like pretty good quality too ^^
    Krissy xoxo

  3. Oh these are so cute, the bee ring especially.

    L x

  4. they are very pretty! following right now xx

  5. Nice and cool post about Fashion frills mostly all woman like it.


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