Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Away From Desk

You guys might have been wondering what I've actually been up to these past few weeks. I'm sharing a few snaps taken at Uni so you can see that I am actually working!

The images below show a few things I've taken recently. We've been doing a lot of work in the studio and practising with lights.
I have a product and portrait assignment coming up next week so I'm practising my product set-ups.
I'll make sure to keep you posted with how it all goes and of course I'm always tweeting about anything exciting (e.g today's tweet about dropped sandwich)

Its nice to keep you guys who read ThisFashionIsMine updated on my personal life too. Sometimes I imagine all my favourite bloggers don't move much between their computer screens and the shopping centres. Of course this isn't true, we do actually have lives!

I miss this blog and I've not been able to give it the care and attention it needs recently. But I have a few post ideas waiting to happen so I'll get straight on them....



  1. those bottle shots are really interesting, i love the changing colours xo

  2. these are great, I love seeing peoples work now and again, find it really inspiring!

  3. Oh I didn't even realise you studied photography (yes I realise now it says so on the sidebar!) your photo's look great!

    L x

  4. I LOVE the last two Kenzo photos. They looks so good! I love the perfume too haha. How did you achieve them? Was it all lighting or helped with photoshop?


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