Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Vintage Dr Martens

I have a new love and it comes in the form of these chunky, thick soled, punk style black boots. A Dr Marten classic. If they look a little beaten around the edges that's because they are. I bought these 2nd hand from ebay for a bargain price of £16.00!

I was on the edge of my sniper's seat as I've lost many a pair of vintage DMs on ebay auctions in the past. The last pair I was in a bidding war for sold for £55.00, yikes. So I'm so happy to have these, even if they are a little 'rustic' with a few paint splatters or scuffs. I'm only going to get them dirty myself, that's what chunky boots are for.
And I've not had to go through the liberal task of breaking the bloody things in. I've heard horror stories about DMs taking weeks and many blisters to become comfortable. As soon as I slid these on there was no pain only gain!

Actually I think they might be a little big for me, but with a few pairs of socks they'll be fine and I'd rather a bit loose than a bit tight. Anyone else who owns Dr Martens, do you find they run a little big? It might be something to bear in mind if I ever buy more, but I'd only go half a size down.

These are my first pair of Dr Marten boots and I wanted to grab a classic pair for as cheap as possible to see if I liked them. My main worry was that they would look ginormous and ridiculous especially on my boat feet. (size 8 *winces in shame*) but all my large foot ladies do not despair! They don't look ridiculous at all, I mean, they're large boots - that's the style. But in no way do they look absurd or too large.

Secondly I worried about the comfort. I can safely say I have worn these all day for trekking through puddles here there and everywhere and my feet stayed pain free and dry! Yes, shoes that actually keep my feet bone dry! Who would have thunk it.

And thirdly I worried about what I could actually wear them with and how they would fit in with my current wardrobe. I'm not about to turn all 90's punk on you girls and stick safety pins into everything, so I'll be wearing them with feminine skirts/dresses to toughen them up or with skinny jeans and a boyish tee if I'm feeling particularly rebellious.

* My favourite wearer of Dr Martens: Sammi from BeautyCrush - she can effortlessly pull them off and I love her white ones so much! ...Hmm maybe one day!

Hopefully you'll see these in a few outfit posts in the near future. I wore these today following 'Monday's Outfit' choice even though its actually Tuesday. Click to see my Five Days of Fashion post if you have no idea what I'm talking about.



  1. they are absolutely gorgeous! what a bargain!!!
    x x

  2. they're amazing, been (unsuccessfully) been trying to acquire some DM's for a while. x


  3. great bargain! love!
    Krissy xoxo

  4. What an amazing find, I think the more rustic looking DM's are the better they look!
    Faye xo

  5. id worry what to wear some with, but they are amazing!


  6. Good find, I love DMs! x


  7. I think they look great worn and beaten up a bit, personally I think better and also you shouldn't have the horrific experience of wearing DMs in which is a plus! You will be able to wear these with so much and they'll look fab, brill bargain


  8. oh these are so awesome!!!!! i found a pair in a thrift store yesterday and they were to small for me, i was devasted!! they just look so cool :)


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