Wednesday, 21 September 2011

September Glossy Box

So what's inside my Glossy Box this September?

I'm pretty sure most of you are sick of seeing Glossy Box reviews by now so I'm going to keep it short and sweet! I still love seeing what everyone got and what people think. As this is not a beauty blog I'm not going to go into great detail on each product. 

First of all I was so happy to be approached by the Glossy Box Team as I'd had to unsubscribe last month due to being a bit short of cash. I knew I would regret it when the September boxes came around so I was over the moon to be sent one for free. I have paid for boxes in the past and I would pay in the future because I think they're a great idea.

Favourite item this month has to be the HD Brows kit in Foxy. I've been looking for a eyebrow set for ages. This one is super pigmented and all the shades work as eye shadows too. Lovely.

Loreal's Mythic Oil, another highly desired item for me, and it makes me hair feel lovely and soft. The pump only lets out a teeny bit of oil each time which is perfect so you won't over do it or waste product.

Bit unsure about the Nuxe Multi Purpose Oil - I'm yet to give it a try. What do people think?

The Plum perfume sample is nice, a little bit old for me but a classic smell that's not horrible. Might see if my Mum wants it.

And then the StriVectin Anti Ageing Eye-Cream, I'd never really thought about using one seen as though I'm only 19 but I guess it is my birthday soon so maybe its about time!

I heard on the grapevine that Glossy Box will be starting subscription gift packages just in time for Christmas! What a great present to give to a friend, sister or your mum.

What was your favourite item in this months box?



  1. This is one of the first Glossyboxes to make me want to subscribe. I really want the HD Brows kit. Have you tried Morrocanoil at all? I love it and use it when I can but it's expensive so was wondering how the L'Oreal compared?

    S x

  2. I have reviewed glossybox too but just put lots of pics up and kept the writing brief. I do love reading these reviews, it's like being part of a club or something! I'm excited to see what is in the next box xxx

  3. Everyone seems very happy about the HD brows! haha mythic oil looks interesting

  4. seen really good reviews about this glossybox. i don't do anything with my brows though, maybe i should start? nice to know though, i might subscribe in future!

  5. OOh I got exactly the same! But my HD brows was all chipped and broken, but the lovely team are sending me a new one! xox

  6. I got your same box. My fave product is mythic oil - great stuff! :)


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