Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Recent Buys

Last night I had a little panic realising I start Uni in 5 days time and I wasn't really prepared. In terms of stationary and studying supplies I had plenty of pens, pencils, sketchbooks, highlighters etc. But I was short of wardrobe basics; thick tights, long sleeves and so forth.

So I headed to Manchester today to pick up some things and take back a few items too. I bought this dress from New Look in bright orange but had second thoughts so I was planning on getting the camel one.
Instead I opted for something entirely different and bought this soft checked shirt. This is my first ever plaid/check shirt can you believe and I can't wait to layer it with a leather jacket and chunky boots.

I also ordered this skirt online hoping a size 12 would fit me because they didn't have any 10s left. Turns out it was massive. In fact the size 10 was also way too big, I ended up getting an 8 but in an even better berry-red colour. The sizing in New Look is all over the place.

The striped tshirt is H&M for only £3.99 and the chunky striped jumper was only a tenner! I love finding cheap buys in H&M. They have loads of lovely knitwear items but you have to dig around for cheaper ones. I refuse to pay £29.99 for a jumper.
Also found yet another cuff type, wrap around leather bracelet and had to get it!

From Primark I picked up 4 long sleeved tops, ready for the chillier season. Mustard, White, Maroon and Beige. They were about £3 each. Needed some new thicker tights too.

I popped into The Works for a notebook for Uni and came away with all these post-it notes! Aren't they amazing, they're little enough for me to use in my Filofax! They were only about £1.99 too. I'm going to use the Keep Calm and Bake Cakes notebook to keep all my recipes in!

And finally a little book on Dreams I found in Urban Outfitters. I've always been interested in dreams and this book makes it really easy to decode them. I don't take it too seriously but the other night I dreamt that my neighbour's house was on fire and this apparently means I'm going to receive bad news! Oh no!
Anyone else interested in all things related to the subconscious mind? I studied Psychology at college and dreams and sleep were my favourite subjects to talk about!



  1. Great purchases, I really like the leather bracelet, H&M jewellery is always really varied and unique :)
    Faye xo

  2. I have that berry skirt from new look. i got an 8 and it's huge but they had no 6s. I'm usually a 10 but I can be an 8 in high waisted stuff. I agree the sizes can be ridiculous!!
    It's a gorgeous skirt though- I love mine!

    Charlotte x

  3. Great basics!!! :) I love Primark!
    And that book of dreams is so cute! I got one ages ago as a birthday gift, I love it!
    x x

  4. heehee I like the keep calm and bake cakes notebook :p

  5. I love nosing on peoples purchases, love all of this, particularly like the H&M jumper, complete bargain. Yes to the stationary, want the keep calm notebook ahaha.I loved studying psychology at Alevel, I find decoding dreams so interesting. My boyfriend and I both have dreams about our teeth falling out and apparently that's something to do with growing up which seems appropriate

  6. Love all your buys, I bought my first checked shirt a few weeks as well! Can't wait to wear it to uni :) Love your orange bracelet :) xx

  7. I loved this post. Im big on dreams to ive books and apps i find it interesting i dont know if i always believe it but i love the dream decoding my boyfriend calls be a loser but whateverrrr lol . good luck with uni :) x

  8. yeah i have a book on dreams, and love it, also studied psychology:)



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