Monday, 12 September 2011

My Blog's 1st Birthday!

Today is my blog's very first birthday! That's right, on the 12th September 2010 This Fashion Is Mine was born. One year later, I'm still here and enjoying looking after this blog more than ever before.

This past year I have found so many brilliant blogs and the people behind them. I've loved blogging and discovered there is so much more to owning a blog than I originally thought. Being short listed for the Look's Blogging Comp in August 2011 was a true highlight and I felt rewarded for the work I put in but also encouraged to work even harder! Every day I get lovely comments from people on my posts and on Twitter which makes me want to carry on and improve.

So Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to This Fashion Is Mine, here's to many more years of blogging, I wonder where I will be this time next year...

I've had such an exhausting day but I still had to get this post up. I started an intern-ship and have been photographing clothes on a mannequin all day. My poor laptop and camera battery have been drained dry and need to recover!

To celebrate my blog's 1st Birthday I'm going to be holding a small give-away for my followers. If I could I would send sweeties out to all of you but that seems a bit ridiculous so instead I'm going to be giving away one great prize, its feminine and delicate, fashionable and highly desirable (but that's all I'm giving away for now!) The give-away will be live very soon so keep your eyes peeled girls and watch this space, I'll be announcing the start of the give away on Twitter before anywhere else!

I'm off for a celebratory glass of wine and a cupcake!


Note: A huge thank you to every single follower of this blog, I appreciate you and the time you take to read and comment on my blog. I can remember my first ever follower, Jess. We don't personally know each other but she gave me a chance and said hello and I still follow her blog today! 



  1. yay! congrats to 1 year of blogging and loads more! *cheers!* xox

  2. Happy birthday! Never stop blogging!

  3. congratulations! i'm just starting out and if i can hit the year mark i'll be so happy :)


  4. Congrats! I started a blog a few months back, but I stopped due to no one following me. I only found your blog today but seriously went through all yer posts. Yer an inspiration. =) Love, a new follower =)

  5. Congrats! That's great, I hope to one day be saying the same!(:

  6. congrats chick! you've done really well. x

  7. Congratulations on one year hun xx

  8. Now you've mentioned it, I actually remember finding your blog and being shocked I was first! Congratulations on one year and I look forward to reading more posts in many more years from now :)


  9. Awww, Happy birthday! I've recently started mine and I'm loving it so far and this post has made me very excited to see where mine will be in a year! Sounds like you've had a wonderful time since blogging which is so great, I look forward to continuing reading it!


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