Thursday, 8 September 2011

Getting Organised!

I decided it was time to do a bit of tidying today, especially of my makeup table because to be quite honest it was a complete mess. I quite like having my things on display so it isn't so much a bad thing that I have lots of stuff everywhere but things were going missing or falling down the back of the drawers and my nail polishes were bursting out of their little plastic drawer. 

Make Up Table Before

Make Up Table After

Ta Da! Much better! I moved all my nail polishes into a Glossy Box-box and they all fit in perfectly and are tucked away down by the side there. I also used a second Glossy Box to store some bracelets and bangles that were originally just piling up and gathering dust.
I re-arranged my makeup storage system so now I have a drawer for lip products, one for foundations and concealers, one for bronzer and blush and one for eyeshadows. The second plastic tower holds false eyelashes, eyeliners, mascaras and a miscellaneous drawer.
I love to use little pots or mugs to hold my makeup brushes and have the items I use every single day out on top and close to hand. (e.g. deodorant and perfume)
In the little two-drawer container I have a few moisturisers and skin care items. But most of my skincare lives in the bathroom.

My necklaces were causing a right problem. You might be able to see in the first image I had them hung on a silver metal mug tree but they were getting all tangled and falling off and the mug tree was too short for my longer chains. So instead I've looped them over the neck of my mannequin and I'm hoping they don't get too tangled.

Does anyone have any cool storage tips or ideas? Tomorrow I'm arranging another table top full of hair products and tanning items etc. I think I need some big funky boxes to hide the mess!



  1. Puts me to shame, i can never keep things tidy! I love how you have stored the necklaces on a mannequin xx

  2. Great Blog!! i follow you on bloglovin'.

    im a new blogger and it would mean so much to me if you could check my blog out :-)

  3. looks so organised! love it!
    once i tidy up, next minute...its like the house got trashed. aha!
    Krissy xoxo

  4. What a difference! I really need to sort out my bedroom before going back to uni, it's such a mess! You have definitely motivated me :) x

  5. Very nice - I'm always organizing and finding new ways to store things ! Take a peek at my blog to see my OCD with organising ! xx

  6. Well done, such a transformation!

  7. Love this, I need to organise myself so badly but I'm struggling to see the point when I'm moving all my stuff back to uni in 2 weeks anyway! Find organising stuff like this so therapeutic and satisfying though

  8. i love to tidy up my make up area, it's so much fun for me, i swatch the stuff on my hand, I also feel so proud of myself when i use up something, your storage area looks great xx

  9. Sometimes the best thing is to have a good tidy, and not to throw things away just to get organised I always feel like it clears my head a bit too when there's less clutter! I need to get myself some storage units like this my make-up is a right mess atm!

    L x

  10. love your blog- following! :) xx

  11. wowsa you have a lot of make up! the necklaces on the manequin look real pretty and i have zilch storage tips because i'm the least organized person i know :P x

  12. Damn I can never keep my dressing table tidy! I think I need to invest in some makeup storage boxes xxxx


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