Saturday, 10 September 2011

Freshers in Manchester - University Guide Shopping

Following on from my last guide post about Manchester's Night Life in my University Fresher series, I'm here to talk about one of my most favourite past times, shopping.
So if you're coming to Manchester this year to start University the following is a little introduction into the best places to shop!
(After writing this post I realised how lucky I am to have Manchester on my doorstep to shop in. Some people have to survive with only one trip to Topshop a year and that's quite terrifying.)

The Northern Quarter is the place to be for vintage 2nd hand shopping, shops such as Pop Boutique, Junk Shop, Rags to Bitches, Ryan Vintage, various Oxfams and then of course there is the dreaded 3 Pound Shop which used to be everything was £3 and under and now seems to have changed to everything £5 and under but to most in Manchester will still always be the 3 Pound Shop. A place where the clothes smells like old people and feels damp but you do some across a gem once in a blue moon.

Afflecks Palace located on Tib Street in the Northen Quarter is a 4 or 5 storey high old brick building that has been described as the Camden Market of the North. And its all in one place! Even if you're not interested in goth, punk, ska, emo or skater clothing and accessories, Afflecks is a place not to be missed. It's not all about the alternative clothing, Afflecks also hides two tattoo and piercing shops, The Bead Shop providing you with all your crafty diy goodies, a fancy dress store, and several 2nd hand vintage stalls not to mention 2 cafĂ©'s! If I ever have a visitor from outside of Manchester I take them to Afflecks its definitely an experience!

Arndale Shopping Centre for Topshop, Topman, River Island, H&M and loads more high street brands. Outside the Arndale along Market Street you'll find the rest of the high street stores, Urban Outfitters, a bigger and better H&M, Primark, Mango, Miss Selfridge (until the rioters burnt it down that is) and plenty more! These are just my favourite places.

If you're looking for designer names and expensive shopping you can head to Selfridges, or head down the side of Selfridges (I think its King Street) for Reiss, Harvey Nichols, Zara, French Connection etc and keep going down to St Ann's Square. They are all close by you just have to wander around a bit. You can probably tell I don't just pop into Reiss at the weekend very often!

Outside the city centre coming off the M60 you'll find The Trafford Centre another shopping centre filled with high street and designer stores. The Trafford Centre also has about a million restaurants and a huge food court so you could spend a full day shopping and eating there. I love the Trafford Centre but its not really accessible unless you go by car and I don't drive.

The images are taken in little boutique/vintage shops (as mentioned in the Northern Quarter bit) obviously I can't really go around Topshop or Urban Outfitters snapping away and we all know what those places look like anyway! There is so much to see and do in Manchester, I think I might post a guide of the top ten tourist spots for newbies to the town who fancy soaking up some culture rather than shopping or partying!

Hope you enjoyed guys! Any fellow Mancunians got a favourite shop I've missed out?



  1. Wow what a great idea for a series of posts :) I'm from Bolton but my Dad is from Manchester, hoping to stay and study there in September 2012 because I love it!

    Some of the places you've mentioned I never knew about so thanks!!

    xxx Kat

  2. this is such a great guide to shop in Manchester!
    i'd be sure to check these [places out if i ever visit manchester again!
    Krissy xoxo

  3. love post like this, such a great places to visit. xx

  4. Great blogpost was gutted to find the burnt out remains of what was left of miss selfridge a few weeks back! XxXx

  5. This is such a great little series! I used to love going to Afflecks palace, haven't been in ages. Hopefully some good will come out of the rioting and Miss Selfridge will open bigger and better.

  6. oooh this is a great idea :D if I'm ever in Manchester I shall check these shops out :)xox

  7. such a lovely idea, and i will be sure to revisit this post if I'm visiting manchester! :)

    Chelsea x

  8. I want a type-writer to display my rings on now! x

  9. aw, thanks for this lil manchester shopping guide... will be verrry handy for when i move there! :)

  10. i love manchester. have just moved home after living there for 3 years for uni. i love love love it ! especially afflecks, a great place for alternative stuff.
    i am now following your blog i hope you can follow back.

  11. Definately agree with Afflecks and the shops around the Northern quarter. One thing to be said about the NQ though is that the pricing in shops really varies! Pop can be pretty pricey, whilst I've found Junk to be a real bargain for the most part. Junk will also do alterations on their clothes for you, I think, and may take other work too, which is always worth remembering when wondering whether to pass over a find.

  12. thank you! this really helped because i go there quite often and all I go to is arndale centre and trafford centre :S x


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