Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Stories Behind the Shoes

After having a huge clear out or a 'throw away day' of all my unwanted, worn out and miserable looking shoes, I was inspired to take snaps of the ones I actually am loving and wearing right now! A few of these shoes are new, some are very old and some bring back lovely memories of the places they have taken me in, the adventures that have happened and the stories behind their purchase.
Get ready for the huge list, the order is from left to right, top to bottom...

Toms Classic Navy - Schuh
Pale Pink Brouges - Primark
Studded Vectra Slippers - Topshop
Brown Loafers - ASOS
Black Lace Up Wedges - ASOS
Leopard Print Pumps - Primark
Gladiator Sandals - Next
Black Wedges - New Look
Brown Wedge Boots - Bargain Shoe Shop
Leopard Print Black Wellies - Macys NYC
Black Studded Boots - Chockers Shoes
Brown Lace Up Boots - Ebay
Black Wedge Lace Ups - Ebay
Nude Platforms - Chockers Shoes
White Leather Converse - Ebay
Sheep Slippers - a present

These Leopard Print Wellies were an emergency buy when I was in New York earlier this year when it poured down with rain! Me and my sister were wearing tiny pumps and our feet were beyond soaked when we trooped into Macys to look for drier shoes. We both spotted these wellies and even at a fairly high price for emergency boots ($75) we had to get them! Turns out at the till they were only $30! So I think they were destined to be mine.

Trying on a selection of my shoes like this reminded me how comfortable these ASOS Black Wedge Lace Ups are! I can't believe I haven't been getting more wear out of them.I might even pair them with some bright coloured socks in the autumn. 

These sheep slippers were a gift and since receiving them last Christmas I haven't taken them off! They have been through the wash a hundred times, and are slowly falling to pieces but I love them - so comfy.

The black New Look wedges are pretty much my night out staple. If I know there will be dancing involved, I whack these on. Super comfy, they look great with anything and everything, even two of my besties have the exact same ones. I bought these in New Look with a friend after she convinced me to buy them and I wasn't too sure. They were in the sale but turned out to be even cheaper at the till (I love when that happens) so a real bargain and I'm getting lots of wear out of them. 

You can probably tell I am not a huge heel-girl. In fact I could live in my Converse if I didn't have the urge to occasionally look girly. I'm also a boots person. This is why I love Autumn and Winter seasons. My mum refuses to let me wear boots in the Summer, even with shorts or dresses because she thinks its ridiculous. 
For the up coming season I am searching for a perfect pair of everyday brown leather knee highs and a pair of chunky ankle boots. I'm torn on the whole Chelsea Boot. I need to try on a pair to decide if they are for me.

Note: I am selling the Nude Platforms, although I love them dearly I will not get the wear out of them as I should. If you are a Size 8 and would like them, barely worn, please get in touch! Leave me a comment or email
Original Price: £24.99  Selling at: £15.00 Shipping will be no more than £5 in the UK and Ireland.




  1. You have some gorgeous shoes! :)

  2. Love your collection, you have similar taste to me :) The studded slippers, ahhh, want! By the way very well done on being shortlisted for the Look comp! Oh also I am loving your tattoo, I've been thinking of a feather or bird design for a little while.. xx

  3. Love the shoes and their stories!

    Your taste is great, would wear a lot of them too! EEspecially the studded loafers!


  4. ahhhhhh!!! i love the pale pink brogues!!

    allister bee blog

  5. cute shoes, I love your slippers!

    Jules @ A Bit of Jules

  6. Love them! Congrats on the top 20 also! Good luck for the final 5 xx

  7. LOVE your shoe collection!
    Krissy xoxo

  8. I LOVE shoes, as you can probably tell from my blog. Therefore this post made me very happy, but not my bank balance as I now have a new shoe shopping list. Uh Oh haha :o) xx

  9. Nice post, I'm a little bit in love with your shoes! I actually tried on the studded Topshop ones today but they were too small for me and they didn't have the next size up :(

  10. I love those nude platforms! If only I was a size 8 :( xoxo

  11. Check out Topshop's Chelsea boots here:
    Love the black patent laquered boots :D

    Have a great day,

  12. love your shoes :DD and the stories behind them! My mums the same about boots! I could live in them all year round but she thinks wearing them in summer is a little ridiculous :| xox

  13. Sheep slippers are of course first league :P Cute tattoo :)

  14. All shoes are really superb !!! This shoes are available on the shop or not??? I never seen this kind of shoes. TRIPPED ON BROKEN CURB


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