Sunday, 28 August 2011

In a Week...

Woah this week has felt like a month. But in a very good way, I've been kept busy and making the most of each day.
You know when my sister is home because with her comes chocolate. These fancy bars from The Tea Room were delicious! We also made a Orange and Carrot cake this week, my first time at making carrot cake but it turned out really well.

On Monday I took the hour and a half trip to Castleton, Derbyshire and you can read about it and see more photos here. The turquoise stone ring is real, I spotted it in a tiny jewellery shop window while we were there and my dad very kindly bought it for me. It's now known as my lucky ring as when I got home I found an email waiting in my inbox to tell me I had been shortlisted for Look's Blogging Comp! It's made me smile all week but the waiting to see if I've been chosen for the final 5 is dreadful. I really feel for X Factor contestants.

Hope you scrolled away quick if your not a fan of feet! I deliberated over even putting this picture up as I don't really like my feet and its a tad strange to photograph them for the internet but I was so proud of my little leopard print toes! I'm getting obsessed with this design and must find something else to move on to before I find more things to embellish with leopard. I did my nails in these crazy colours on Wednesday and they are still in great condition today. Thanks to Barry M's marvellous nail paints.

I've been after a huge brightly coloured 'toy' watch for ages and I found these Neon-T ones in my local garden centre of all places. They were only £6.99 and I was torn between a neon orange or this neon green. I shall feature it in a outfit post soon!

It's coming up to that time, the start of Uni. It will be the second time for me, yes I'm going to be a fresher...twice! I'm slowly starting to find people from my course on face book but I'd still like to leave some element of surprise for the first day! I'm thinking of a few Starting University type posts so if you'd like to see one or have any ideas let me know....




  1. Great post!

    Today I added so many people on facebook to my account and entered some groups! I too would like to have this element of surprise!
    Why do you have freshers week twice?


  2. aw i8 love your toe-nails! gonna tey mine, but my t-nails are proberly too short hehe!

  3. your tattoo is beautiful, its the exact same design and place I want to get my next one haha! also your leopard print design is gorgeous!

  4. your nails are amazing! good luck :D! xox

  5. Your nails look amazing! I love leopard print :)

    Good luck with starting uni xx

  6. Gorgeous nails, and I love your rings!
    Jules @ A Bit of Jules

  7. fab nails honey! LOVE ur tattoo too! xx

  8. Ooo those bars of chocolate look so interesting! I grew up with Rooibos tea so am super keen to try it! :)
    George |


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