Sunday, 21 August 2011

In a Week...

1) I got new hair extensions this week. They are cheap as chips 100% Human Remy Hair 20" from Elegant Hair Extensions on ebay. I didn't want to shell out a fortune when I don't wear hair extensions all that much. These may need a home dye job, to darken the blonde and lighten the brown. These photos look good but in real life they are a bit contrasty. And I gave them a teeny trim so the ends were choppier. Apart from that I love them!

2) Tuesday night I was browsing the internet shops and found the most perfect coat. Yes a little early in the year to be thinking about winter wear, but I had to snap it up before they sold out! I'm talking about this little Barbour inspired jacket from New Look.
I left it overnight and ordered it the next morning. Of course, the sun was blazing down from the heavens, so I felt a bit daft buying a coat. But I'm glad I waited because New Look had a free delivery offer and with my NUS Extra Card I saved a total of £7.45 (as bragged about on Twitter)

3) This MUA nail polish is such a bright beautiful pink colour for only £1. Its a shame it chipped after just one day.

4) Myself and Alison rode out to a local lake (not going to mention the name but if you recognise it, send me an email!) and ate the most amazing ice cream - Thunder and Lightning, toffee flavour with pieces of honeycomb and a little raspberry sauce for good measure. I am now suffering from a bruised bum. Looking for a beanbag bicycle seat...

5) Glossy Box Numero Dos arrived on Thursday! I was happy with the contents, very pleased to see a lower lash mascara and the hair 'foundation' mousse is an interesting one - it crackles and pops like crazy in your hand and doesn't seem to weigh down my hair.

6) My not-so-official Autumn/Winter Wishlist is now pinned to the notice board beside my desk so I can keep track of what I actually need and want the most for next season and not spend money on crap. I'm going to cross off the items as I go. I'm looking for quality and pieces that can be worn in a variety of ways.

7) Decided to get a bit more creative with the nails, using all the different pink polishes I own and creating a polka dot pattern with a white nail pen!

8) What I wore to 'Pub Friday', photos turned out too shoddy for an outfit post as I took them way past 9pm. But I love this blazer from H&M.




  1. ah I know where that lake is. Its actually not too far from where I live (greater manchester) x

  2. cute top! nice colour
    and your nails look cute! i want to try dots too x

  3. love the photos! is the blazer this season? :) its gorgeous! xox

  4. I love blog posts like this! And can I just say that your handwriting is super neat and your polka-dot nails are adorable! :)x

  5. I love bike riding, the nails are adorable! :)

  6. Thanks guys!!

    @Confessions of a makeuplover, I bought the blazer last year but H&M have lots of similar ones this season too :)

  7. Your nails look really great! And I'm also rather jealous of your handwriting, so neat! :D xx

  8. love that lake, used to go all the time but not been in ages!

  9. Congrats on making it into our top 20! Best of luck for the final 5! x

  10. love how you did your polka dot nails all in different pink shades, very pretty.

  11. Those nails are really cute, love that you've used different colours for each (: Looks very professional.


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