Wednesday, 31 August 2011

In a Galaxy far far away...

This is my first shot at a galaxy, starry, universe nail design. I checked out a few tutorials on YouTube, mainly Andrea's Choice as I found hers the easiest to follow. I used Barry M's Black and Navy, and layered two purple shades over the top (unbranded nail art polishes) I then dotted on a few white 'stars' or 'planets' and finished off with a coat of Models Own Juicy Jules. I think this glitter polish might be too fine for this look but it worked okay and I'm quite happy with the finished effect.

It's freezing today. No outfit post because I'm wrapped up in a chunky cardigan with no make up on and scruffy hair. I'm not planning on leaving the house! The central heating has been turned on for the first time since April and it's kicking up a fuss with my health. I always have throat, lung issues the first couple of days the central heating is on and it plays havoc with my skin but I'll get used to it. I'd rather be warm!

I found out last night that I didn't make it to the final 5 in the Look Blogging Comp which I was gutted about. I really fancied a trip to London to see their fashion show but you can't win em all and I am still so overjoyed that I was short listed from 300 entries!

Tomorrow I'm going vintage charity shopping with Alison. We have to put aside a whole day just to focus on the charity shops around Deansgate. Manchester is great for vintage buys.
I also have an interview tomorrow morning with a fashion company looking for junior photographers so I'm pretty nervous. Any interview tips would be great, from what to wear to what to say! I'm rubbish in interviews.


P.S. It's the last day for nominations in the Cosmo Blog Awards if you enjoy my blog I'd love for you to vote for it under the New Fashion Blog category! It only takes a minute! Let me know if you do it would make my day :)



  1. I love space nails, am going to give this a go soon! x

  2. Looks so nice! Good luck on your interview tomorrow, you'll do great! x

  3. big fan of the galaxy nails!
    looks amaze!

  4. They're amazing!! Love them, going to have to try this!

  5. very nice! i'll have to try this :)

  6. they look fab. I really do need to try this at some point! It's been seriously freezing! Ahh you did so well to be shortlisted though! xx

  7. Love this look!

    Super pretty xx

  8. big fan of the nails, will definitely try it! would love to give you some good interview advice but i think i'm pretty rubbish, just be confident and be yourself and whenever you say something about yourself back it up with an example - my mum told me that! haha, good luck!

  9. I love those nails, they're so nice and look so complex!

  10. fab nails! sad times about not getting through in the Look comp, i found your blog on the shortlist and have only followed 3, totally thought you would go through! Maybe nxt year honey xx
    I am here to stay tho! LOVE ur blog! xx ..... come say hi xx

  11. I've just found your blog and have been browsing, and I love it :) Your nails look awesome here I'm definitely going to have to give this a go :)

    L x

  12. You nails are gorgeous - impressive! x


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