Saturday, 6 August 2011

Easy Leopard Print Nails DIY

Follow my quick step-by-step nail tutorial if you'd like to achieve these easy leopard print nails
Very popular right now, and if I can do it anyone can! 

You need three nail polishes. Any colours will work, but I find using your palest colour as a base, with slightly darker spots and black for detail looks the best. I'm using Models Own Utopia and Nude Beige. And a black nail art pen (using the pen tip) and you can get a full set of these for a great price here on ebay. These shades create a natural 'traditional' leopard print but bright primary colours can look amazing!

  •  Start by painting your nails in your base colour. (Utopia)
  • Wait to dry.
  • Splodge on messy dots (Nude Beige)
  • Place the splodges fairly evenly apart but at varying sizes.
  • Don't worry about being too accurate - your nails won't look great now but it will all come together!
  • Wait for the dots to dry.
  • Using your nail art pen tip in black, create squiggly lines on either sides of the dots
  • Add some random black curves where needed.
  • Best Tip: Copy these photos!
  • Wait for your nails to dry completely. I'm talking hours of waiting before you apply a top coat. I actually wait overnight before I apply any top coat. Too many a time I have ruined my whole design by smudging the black with a top coat. The black polish takes the longest to dry and even when it feels dry to touch, its not. Trust me. 
(see the whole outfit I paired my wild nails with here)

Enjoy your fun animal print nails and wait for the compliments roll in.
Tweet me or comment below if you try this out, I want to see photos!




  1. yay this is awesome! Thank you so much for doing a nail tutorial on this :) models own do their own nail pen which is pretty awesome too :) xox

  2. Love your colour choices! :)


  3. I'd been wondering how to do this, thanks :)

  4. Very jealous of your nail skills! I have enough issues trying to paint them! haha xo

  5. cute! i can never do mine as neat as yours x

  6. gorgeous nails, love it!
    Krissy xoxo

  7. Looks amazing, I'll have to try it out soon!

  8. gorgeous! i've tried this in pinks and purples but i actually prefer it in these natural colours, also i used eyeliner so i really need to get myself a nail art pen :) x

  9. wow. these look amazing. I can't wait to try this!!

    Charlotte x

  10. this is so definitely going to try it and add my personal twist

  11. I like how you did your animal print nail designs in neutral colors. I normally gravitate toward brighter bold colors but your are very classy and chic in the tans and browns. Nice!

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  13. Thanks for this, I did mine and they look awesome! Have posted my attempt on my blog, but have of course linked the tutorial back to your blog. Hope that's okay :) x


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