Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Baby Blue Cocktails

Silk Baby Blue Vest - Zara
Black Blazer - 'Inherited' from Big Sis
Skinny Jeans - Topshop
Bangles - River Island
Leather Cuff - H&M

Just a simple outfit today girls, I love a classic blazer & jeans combo! You can see my new hair cut a little better in these photos - I like the blunt choppy ends but its still a little shorter than I am used to. I wore this last Friday night for cocktails with the girls and forgot to post it.

How strange that my first order at Romwe.com arrived last week and this top has a Zara label inside?! I'm not quite sure I understand how Romwe works, do they not have their own fashion line? Either way its a lovely flowing baby blue vest with a large ahem, boob pocket, and a gold zip. 

This blazer was stolen from my sisters wardrobe many years ago and I've worn it to death. She doesn't mind she's never even notice! Also these jeans/jeggings are a wardrobe must have so I'll be looking for more in Topshop come Autumn. I picked up some black jeggings from TKMaxx the other day (my first pair of black jeans since I was about 15) I'm looking for outfit inspiration on how to wear them to make them classy chic and not moody goth. Any ideas?

I'm also wearing my New Look black platform wedges (out of shot) which are unbelievably comfy!

All these riots breaking out all over the UK at the moment are terrifying. I can't comprehend where all these thugs and criminals are coming from. It's scary to think there is so many horrible people ready to destroy their own cities.
But on a lighter note the clean up operation just shows how many care about the state of their country, and are teaming together to help sort out the mess these idiots have made.
Lets hope there is an end to this very soon.

Finally, I had to share this video with you, Michael and Justin are amazing, their covers on YouTube are mind blowing and If I Die Young by The Band Perry is their most recent cover and a fave of mine :)




  1. Love your outfit! And it truly is ridiculous how people are prepared to destroy and hurt their communities! Stay safe! xox


  2. A blazer and jeans combo never fails to look great! xo

  3. The perfect relaxed outfit. You look gorgeous in baby blue! Just found your blog - definitely going to follow :)

  4. I love these kinds of simple outfits. They are perfect for going from work to out! :)

  5. From what I can gather, Romwe is sort of like Asos? In that it stocks lots of other brands but also has a few of their own pieces as well?
    Either way, the top is such a gorgeous colour!

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net


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