Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Autumn Trends 2011 - Inside the Magazines

I know the Summer is far from over (lets hope not anyway!) but I am still getting excited about this year's Autumn/Winter fashion trends. Most stores now have a decent amount of next season's clothes in stock and it can't hurt to look? 

Imagine my delight when a Autumn/Winter Season H&M Catalogue and the new ASOS Magazine popped through my letterbox! I settled down outside in the blazing summer sun to have a read!...

 Yes I immediately saw about a million things that I needed to have - H&M do such lovely editorials, all the clothes look amazing. (Probably a wise choice of models too, I was pretty jealous of the blonde model's hair)

Seeing all the new clothes made me want to create my own Wish List for Autumn/Winter here it is...

1. Elbow Patches
On cardigans, blazers, trenches, jumpers or just about anything! I will be rocking that professor-chic. 

2. Tweed
Grandad-ish? You bet-cha. But for some reason I love it, and hoping I can pull it off come September. Must be structured and well fitting though to keep it feminine. 

 3. The Parka
Inspired by Oasis front man Liam Gallagher, nothing screams Manchester like a khaki parka coat with fur trim! Going to be great for walking to Uni on cold bitter mornings. One that can be worn to death and still look amazing.  

4. Colours
My faves for the new season are Burgundy, Ochre, Indigo, Burnt Orange, Plum, Maroon and Grey. I'd quite like a pair of thick ribbed tights in each please!

5. Shirt and Jumper Combo
I've seen this style everywhere. Its perfect for Autumn, and I do love my layering. Going to be investing in lots of comfy military shirts to wear under big chunky knits - very studenty, very classy.

6. Chiffon
A favourite I'm bringing over from the Summer, chiffon floaty materials, especially chiffon pleats and oversized blouses. I must find a way of making my summer midi's work right through the Autumn. Tights and chunky knits I think! 

7. Androgyny 
Boyfriend blazers, long and boxy in fit are going to be something I'm keeping my eye out for. Choosing pastel shades such as peach, cream or white will still keep them girlie. But a dark tweed grey one with elbow patches for when I'm feeling particularly moody and boyish! 

8. The Slipper
I have to admit, ASOS introduced me to this one. I'm not too sure yet but I have an inkling they will be just as popular as the loafer. And I love my loafers dearly. Love the shape of these and especially the gothic studded ones would look amazing with almost everything.

9. Equestrian
Yes I know! Maybe a style not to everyone's tastes but just thinking about knee high leather boots, skinny jeans, Barbour jackets and all that camel makes me drool! Dressage anyone?

10. The Trench Coat
After I'm done with being an old man, teenage boy and/or horse rider, I would like to imagine myself sashaying around the city in my classic trench with glossy hair, a huge handbag and oversized sunglasses. Out of my depth maybe a tad but a girl can try! Surely I can be classy!?

Some more examples below of what I am looking for. Going to wait until all shops have their full new season collections out before I dive right in. I'm forcing myself to choose quality over quantity this year and pick items that will last me until next April. Even if it means spending a little more money. Lets see how long that lasts!

I haven't priced anything up here as these are just examples of my must haves. But everything below is either ASOS or Topshop still in stock and you can easily find them by using their search bars.

 Jumper and Shirt Combos, Tweed and Elbow Patches, Boyfriend Fit Blazers
 Khaki Parka Jacket, Classy Trench Coat and Leather Detailing 
I wish I could afford the real thing - this Barbour Jacket. May have to settle for a beautiful Topshop version. 
 Some gorgeous tights in very Autumn berry-shades available at Topshop. I might have to have them all. 
Still and forever lusting over chunky leather heeled boots with buckles.
I spotted Kelly Osborne wearing one very similar to this Topshop head band on 8 out of 10 cats... 

And not forgetting the classic black skinny jeans, which I'm looking for in a jegging format. The pair I own are so faded now they would be considered grey. I'll still be wearing my sheer shirts and blouses in the Autumn but looking for some long sleeved ones to keep me warm.
How are you girls preparing for Autumn? Tell me your Autumn/Winter must have fashion items I'd love to know!


  1. Jumpers with sequins :) leather jacket ! Ahh actually went to h&m yesterday, my sister had to drag me out haha! xox

  2. when the h&M catalog came through, i literally flicked through wanting to buy everything!
    love this post!
    Krissy xoxo

  3. definitely want a big fur coat, berry coloured jeans and bucket boots! how do i sign up for the asos magazine!? xxx

  4. I will be bringing the chiffon over from Summer too! Aut/Winter is my favourite season to dress for, I can't wait! xo

  5. I really want a nice trench coat this year, wish I could afford a Burberry, but I'll be happy with any kind!

  6. @Emily - I think you have to be a 'loyal' customer to receive the magazine, i.e shop there a lot! I don't get every issue but occasionally one pops through my letterbox! xx

  7. Can you provide me with the buying info for the slippers?


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