Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A White Tee

Very boring outfit post today. I just ran some errands. Dragged a HUGE bag full of parcels to the post office. The staff in there must have thought I was completely off my rocker when I handed over 18 parcels, wrapped, stamped and pre-paid for. But yes, my ebay listings did end and I'm glad to say I made a decent amount of money out of stuff I didn't want anyway.
I still have a wardrobe full of unworn items so maybe in a few weeks another clear out operation will begin.

I've grown to love the V neck. I used to only wear rounded necklines as I just thought V necks were so unflattering on me. But I love my white tees and having them in a selection of cuts and shapes makes things more interesting. 

The denim blue leggings/jeggings are from H&M and only cost me about a tenner. They are super comfortable and wash really well. No baggy knees or saggy bum yet guys! I'm not quite keen on the length of this tshirt with the leggings and I'd normally wear something longer to cover my bum but ah well. 

My Toms are my ultimate comfort shoe! I have the classic navy ones and I'm trying not to wear them down. I'll be so upset the day I get caught in the rain with them or stand in a puddle. 

The scarf is a Primark one if I rememeber correctly. Cross necklace is from, bracelets and ring from Primark, nail polish is Barry M's Shocking Pink. 

I popped on the train to Manchester in the evening with two of my girls with our free tickets to a new game show, High Stakes hosted by Jeremy Kyle but unfortunately we were turned away at the door as they were full! Apparently some crazy people had queued from 4.00 that afternoon. 
It wasn't all bad, we chose a trip to the Zara sale instead and I came away with a butter soft grey leather gilet for only £9.99 which I'll show you all soon. 

I quite like my hair in these pictures... irl it was a bit of a mess actually and all knotty at the back. After years of smooth tangle free hair I've suddenly started to get huge knots at the back. Any tips? 

How's this week going for you guys? I think I'm going to spend the rest of my week baking blackcurrant muffins and getting out to go running in order to work-off said muffins. 




  1. I really love this outfit even though it's so simple :) I love the scarf, did you buy it recently? xxx

  2. @Ellie I'm afraid I didn't it was last year when I spotted it. But I think Primark always have great little scarves so you might find one similar!

  3. cute outfit!
    your hair is purrrrrtay!
    ahaa, loving the accessories!
    Krissy xoxo

  4. i love your outfit!! so perfect. so cute!

    allister bee blog

  5. loving the braid! The flowers look so pretty and fresh. Your shoes are definitely a winner!


  6. adorable outfit, I love necklaces like that! You've got a talent for accessorizing. Lovely blog, take a peek at mine?

    xo Maddy

  7. Love your hairstyle !


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