Friday, 29 July 2011

A Tent For Trousers

Palazzo Trousers - Primark £14
White Tee - ASOS
Round Stone Rings - H&M
Suede Braid Necklace - Handmade
Leather Cuff - H&M
Gold Bangles - River Island

So I tried these on for a laugh in Primark. I was curious to see how they would look on and low and behold I  actually really liked them. They are super long, even for my 34" legs, but I'm pretty sure that's the style and the way they are supposed to be worn. Chic and elegant, until I step and trip on them. (yep 3 times so far)
They are a deep cinnamon (like the last photo) rather than a the burnt orange shade they appear to be. I think these are also available in navy, various floral prints and some wacky abstract prints too. For only £14 get em before they're gone!

I was pretty sure I would be laughed at hysterically by my mother when I brought these home, but she actually really likes them (good thing?) and keeps suggesting occasions in which I can wear them. My brother did have a few Aladdin comments but what does he know!
This was yesterdays outfit, it was sunny and fairly hot but my legs were below tanning standards so I threw these on instead. They're light and airy though so perfect for warmer weather. 

Loving brown and gold jewellery! Especially this cuff which I refuse to take off. So strange because I've always been a silver jewellery person. I think these golden hues are much more suited to summer. 
Just threw on a safe and boring white t-shirt for a casual day look but I think a chiffon/silk vest top tucked in would make a glamorous-and-ready-for-cocktails kinda outfit . Watch this space!

If you follow me on Twitter you'll know I got my hair dyed yesterday, just some lowlights to bring it to my natural colour. I've been thinking of doing a 'Hair Past and Present' post if that's something anyone would be interested in? I've never gone too crazy with my hair, although there was the time it was bright pink for a few months...



  1. The trousers look really nice... I was tempted to try some on in new look. Might go back and try them out :) x

  2. The trousers look so nice on you! have a lovely weekend :) xox

  3. i bought a pair of trousers very similar to those from primark the other week too! these look so good, gorgeous outfittt! X X

  4. They look super gorgeous! I saw them the other day and picked them up for my husband to promptly and throughout the whole store make jokes about how daft they'd look! Grr! Wish I had just got them! xx


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