Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Serene Summer Evenings


I wore this out for a meal with friends yesterday evening, and it was super warm outside. This kimono style cape/batwing top is from River Island and featured in my RI Sales Post as did the gold bangles with charms. 
My high waisted denim shorts are from Primark this season I think. My charm necklace is from Malaya Jewellery and I've had it for years its one of my faves. 

I've been dying to wear this top out ever since I bought it. It's perfectly floaty and falls like a cape at the back. It also pulls in just under the bust and then falls freely over the stomach for a great shape.
I slipped on some pale pink Primark brogues to go out in but I quite like this look with bare feet! If I was visiting the beach this would be ok but I might get funny looks on the dusty streets of my village. 

The bag I'm taking is just a Primark one, and although it looks small it can fit my purse, phone, keys, powder and lipstick inside!

Loosely wearing my hair up with some pieces pulled out around the front, I wanted the main attention to be on my outfit. I'm not wearing very much make up either, just some ELF bronzer all over, mascara, and Hue lipstick and I slightly filled in my brows with a Collection 2000 pencil in blonde.

I apologise for the slight jaundice appearance to my skin, I swear its just the lighting, I don't approve of the orange look :)

This song is playing non stop at the moment...big love for Christina Perri




  1. beautiful!
    love the shape of your top!
    and your nails are pretty too!
    Krissy xoxo

  2. that top is stunning, so elegant and beautiful :) you look so tanned! Jealous xxx

  3. You look stunning in these pics :) love your outfit, that blouse is gorgeous xx

  4. Lovelove that cape top, so summery and pretty. So jealous that your hair looks good in an updo as well!

  5. This is a lovely summery outfit and oh my, I love your tattoo! x

  6. Like this style !
    xx (Check my blog and follow me if you want!)

  7. I saw the kimono but didn't think it would suit me, it looks gorgeous on you, love the colour pallet here! xx


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