Thursday, 28 July 2011

My Raspberry Filofax

Just had to share my new love... this is my Personal sized Raspberry Pink Filofax that I treated myself to on yesterday's shopping trip. I spent a while in WHSmiths looking at all the different varieties and I'd googled a hundred reviews and opinions on Filofax organisers and found some great blog posts.

I decided a 'Personal' was just the right size for me, I prefer to have space to write and I always carry a huge bag anyway so this is easy to just chuck straight in.
My mum has always been a Filofax appreciator - she's currently using a Mini which is perfect for her and her wee hand bags but I need something sturdier.

I had some WHSmiths vouchers from my Sixth Form. I did pretty well in my A Levels and my college were kind enough to give me 2 gift cards to spend in store as a congratulations. This was at least a year ago! I just couldn't decide what to buy myself. There are lots of Photography books I'd love to own (and I still have some money left) but I took the plunge after wanting a 'proper organiser' for so long.

Recently I realised I was scribbling down blog ideas and plans on bits of paper here there and everywhere. Now I can keep on top of what I want to blog about and when I can find time to write my posts/publish them.
Compulsive list-maker and note-taker heaven!

Filofax's can reach the dizzy price heights of £70 and beyond. I thought that was a bit insane. So I found this exact one (a faux leather) for just £27. Perfect! The clasp is so strong it should last me forever and there is even room for two pens, credit sized cards and a notepad at the back.
There are loads of fun inserts, gadgets, accessories that you can get to slot inside - but I might save those for when I've had mine a little longer.

As long as it gets me through 3 years of University I will be happy, and even happier to show it off!



  1. Ahh I love filofaxes :P your one is so nice! Mines just a plain grey one aha xox

  2. Ahh I love filofaxes :P your one is so nice! Mines just a plain grey one aha xox

  3. Love the colour of the filofax! I'm obsessed with mine even though its a pocket one. I'm thinking about upgrading to a bigger one so I have more room to write in it

  4. This is like heaven to me! I love being organized, not sure I have the heart to spend £27 on one quite yet though!

    Carly x

  5. That filoax is so nice :) what nail polish are you wearing in the first picture :) x

  6. Nail polish is Models Own Utopia :) x

  7. This post really made my want to get a Filofax. I'm starting a new job tomorrow, which mean I can now decide what clothes to wear and I can bring a bag and everything :) So I might have to look into this Filofax world :)

    I'm new in the blogging world, so if you have the time could you please check out my blog and tell me what you think? That would mean a lot to me :)

    XO Astrid

  8. I love my filofax so much. I have a gorgeous raspberry Finsbury and would be lost without it. Can't wait to see some photos of what you do with it. :)


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