Wednesday, 27 July 2011

MUA Eyeshadows

Just a little post to mention these beauties. These are the single eyeshadows from MUA costing only £1 each.
I had a bit of a huge shopping spree today in which I was going to pick up a MUA palette (costing £4) Although after studing them very carefully I realised I only liked a few colours from each palette and what a waste when I would never use all the shades.
I went for four of these single pot ones instead...

From left to right: Shade 18, Shade 6, Shade 8, Shade 9

All of these are Pearl shadows apart from Shade 18 which is a Matte. As you can see the Pearl finishes are a little more pigmented than the Matte. Shade 8 being the most so, a beautiful teal blue (which looked more green in Superdrug but ah well.) 

I'm typically a nudes and browns type of girl when it comes to eye shadows but for £1 I really wanted to inject more colour into my make up. I'm so scared of using the blue and looking like a 90s Disco Diva - so I think I will be blending it like mad into another colour. Any tips? 

Shade 9 is so pretty and these photos do not do it justice. It has that iridescent 'petrol' type sheen, and there are about a million different colours amongst the deep purple when the light hits it. 

I recommend these highly, they're not super pigmented but build-able and I'm looking forward to trying them with a wet brush too. The little containers give such a satisfying click when you close them, and although they wouldn't survive being dropped from a great height on to concrete, the packaging does seem fairly sturdy. 

Anyone else a big fan of MUA shadows? Any shade recommendations send them my way!
(I already have Shade 4 and Shade 12 in my collection - I may just have to buy them all!) 



  1. I love how bright these are!
    Follow and comment and I'll follow back?

  2. Those shadows are really pigmented!!
    Amazing price, I need to check those out !! x

  3. OH WOW! they're way more pigmented than I thought - for a pound that's brill :D I will consider buying each and every one :')

  4. nice! they always sell out of these in my local superdrug :( might get some online x

  5. I absolutely LOVE MUA eyeshadows! I can't remember the exact numbers but their silver/greys in the Pearl shades are amazing for smokey eye looks :)

    xxxx Kat


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