Sunday, 31 July 2011

In a Week...

Summer Days, Garden Furniture, New Jewellery, Country Walks, Feeding the Wildlife

1) Britain's had quite a few nice days of sunshine! My family have made the most of it, the parasol and garden chairs have been out everyday, much to my cats liking. Just hoping it holds out until Wednesday for our party!

2) This sideways cross necklace it from this Etsy seller and I've wanted to get my hands on one ever since I spotted Laura wearing hers in her YouTube vids. It arrived and I'm so pleased with it - its something so simple that I can wear everyday.

3) This leather cuff from H&M is also something I'm not ever taking off. You can see me wearing it here in my outfit post from the other day. I love finding pieces I will wear until they fall to bits.

4) (Heaton Park, Manchester) Feeding the squirrels! That's my mum giving him a grape which surprisingly he really enjoyed. They are so friendly but quick - difficult to photograph! It was such a hot day and we ended up walking miles because we got lost on the way back to the car park. 
We also stroked these friendly goats who were very photogenic indeed and loved being in front of the camera! 
I don't know this little girl and I hope her mum didn't mind me taking a quick snap - she was so cute with her huge Minnie Mouse balloon! 

5) I've been off sugar since Thursday to sort out my crashing moods and sleepiness in the afternoon. It's helping, although I'm a still a bit moody when I can't have a bloody biscuit. Its so hard to find snacks that aren't packed with sugar! You only realise when your on a health kick that they put sugar in everything.
Mum has also got us all on decaf tea again which I'm not happy about. I need my caffeine!!

6) Its my big sisters 30th on Wednesday and we are having a little family gathering/party at our house. I'm really looking forward to it (partly because I can have cake) so please please keep your fingers crossed for warm, dry, sunny weather and the party can move outdoors!

How have all your weeks been?


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  1. Sounds like its been a good week! (aside from sugar and caffeine withdrawals!) Hope that you get used to it soon! Its been so nice and sunny here too (i'm in the east midlands) lets hope it stays sunny! xox


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