Sunday, 24 July 2011

In a Week...

1) My first Glossy Box arrived on Thursday! I was too late for the first two boxes, and I have to say was quite glad I didn't receive the 2nd box after all the trouble it caused. I was going to dedicate a whole post to the contents of my box but I thought you guys might be pretty sick of hearing about Glossy Box by now.

So I'll just let you know my initial thoughts... Orla Keily perfume was nice, quite an 'older' fragrance but one I wouldn't shy away from - long lasting too. Ultrasun Face is a great little moisturiser and spf and I will make use of it even on cloudier days you should always wear an spf. Weleda Pomegrante Body Oil, loved the idea, hated the smell. Sort of reminded me of Jagermeister and I don't really want to spread that all over my body. Others may love the scent though. Ciate Paint Pot in 'Mojito' a bright and bold lime green which I'm not sure how much I will use it but its a lovely nail polish and the quality is undeniable. And of course the Illamasqua Product - Powdered Metal in the shade Ether. I am yet to try this out on my face but the swatch looked amazing and its so great of Glossy Box to include this full sized Illamasqua product. My first Illamasqua product at that! What did you guys get in yours? I'm so nosey so link me your blog posts!!

2) Even my beautiful cat was snuggled up to my Glossy Box. (He had 4 teeth out Friday and wasn't very happy but he's doing well now!)
I'm going to carry on my subscription at least until September, and then I will re address my bank balance and see if I want to spend the extra money per month on postage. Not so happy about that increase, I'm a poor student!

3) Dad did his official last day of work on Thursday. He is now a retired teacher and living the bum life at home with me :) I made this Marble Cake with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting to celebrate! My cake decorating skills aren't something to be admired but the cake tasted gooood.

4) Barry M Peach Melba - a new firm favourite! I wasn't sure at first but I think the true peachy pink colour comes out when it has completely dried - I'm talking 24 hours. And looks great with a tan.

5) On Wednesday I had a bit of a girlie night in with some friend, garlic bread, pizza, curly fries and Black Swan on download. I thought the film was good, if not a little scary at times and I will definitely be staying away from metal nail files from now on...

6) A huge hello and welcome to any new followers! Most likely you have found me through Fleur's blog and I've been loving reading all your kind comments - it really does make my day to see lots of lovely comments so thank you so much guys!

Don't forget about my new Twitter :)
And enjoy your Sunday!



  1. Very jealous you got the perfume!! I've done a post on my glossybox if you want to have a gander! x

  2. I love Peach Melba too, and that cake looks divine!

  3. Ohmgee that cakes looks gorgeous! :) x

  4. Yum the cake :D the kitty cat is so cute too!

  5. hey gwen!
    i love your blog and i followed,
    if you ever get the chance, check out my blog here:

    keep in touch!
    xo, sarah

  6. i must be the only blogger who didn't get a glossy box, would you recommend them? i can't afford really, but they look lovely! x


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