Sunday, 17 July 2011

In a Week...

I apologise for the lack of photos this week... not much has happened that was worth photographing so here are some shots of my face. Perhaps a 'face of the day' although I've never really done one of those...

Makeup: Collection 200 mineral powder, MAC Well Dressed Blush, MAC Hue Lipstick, various UD Naked Palette shadows, ELF gel liner, Collection 200 dark brown eye liner pencil, Colossal Mascara.

This rust orange cardigan makes my eyes look unnaturally blue! I swear I've not edited them but i will be wearing this colour more often! 

1) As mentioned in a previous post, I was supposed to be going to see Jeremey Kyle's new quiz show, High Stakes but after a terrifying taxi journey around Salford we got arrived too late and it was full. Complete fail. But it was a nice sunny evening in Manchester so we wandered around and ended up in Zara just before closing. I spent pennies.

2) I've been keeping up with my running, or trying too when the weather is on my side. My health and fitness post is a long time coming but I will eventually get around to it.

3) Rainy days = shopping online. I have several orders waiting to arrive - hopefully by next week! Can't wait to blog about my new buys

4) I've got back into baking during the weekdays so my parents come home to a house filled with wonderful cake or biscuit aromas! I've not been as successful on the biscuit front but my signature brownie buns are still my fave.

5) TV wise I'm so excited that Torchwood is back. Anyone else a Torchwood fanatic? More so than Doctor Who now David Tennant has gone. Captain Jack 4lyf. 
The Big Bang Theory has also been playing non stop. I think I could probably sing the whole theme tune backwards by now. 

6) I've spent all my weekend working. Not all bad, today we had on a Freddie Mercury tribute act and a BBQ (yes in this weather!) so an unusual Sunday shift for me but I'm absolutely exhausted now.

My sisters home from the US for a few weeks so it'll be nice to have her around. Going to watch the footie on Tuesday night with her and my brother. Also a shopping trip is called for and its her birthday soon - I need ideas for small, lightweight but very special presents for a 30th birthday that can be packed in a suitcase when she goes back...

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends, here's to another week!




  1. Ahhh your eyes look seriously amazing in those photos!!! That cardigan is such a nice colour. Ellie xxxx

    ps ma blog is ;

  2. you are gorgeous.
    You should definitely do a face of the day.

  3. your eyes look amazing in these, the cardigan enhance your eyes more instead hehe!
    Krissy xoxo

  4. Hi Gwen,
    I'm a newbie to blogging and have been following yours. May i just say your eyes look absolutely stunning in these photos!
    Look forward to see more posts

    Stephanie xxx

  5. That color was MADE for you! Gorgeous!! I'd buy every item of clothing in rust orange that you can find! ;)

    As far as a gift for your sister goes, what about a piece of jewelry? Doesn't get any more lightweight than that!

    Just found your blog & we're now "followers." We'd love for you to visit our blog & do the same!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  6. Oh no as if you mised the kyle! I bet Zara semi made up for it though, they've got some really pretty stuff in atm


  7. i love your eyes! :)


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