Saturday, 18 June 2011

What's New in My Wardrobe?

I took a shopping trip with one of my besties on Thursday and it felt great to be in Manchester after so long without spending pennies. Primark was top of my list as I really haven't been in over 6 weeks and it didn't disappoint!

I could have blown my last 3 weeks of wages in Primark. Sometimes I can't find anything I like and other times I'm blown away by the quality and in-trend fashion they have to offer. 

1) I have the above shirt dress in cobalt blue and love it, so had to pick up this beautiful rusty faded red/brown colour too. It also comes in white, black, floral, cinnamon, brown, pink... etc. Almost every colour under the sun. This one falls just above the knee, whereas my blue one is a little shorter (something to bear in mind should you buy one - they all differ slightly.) I'm planning on wearing it tomorrow night for Fathers Day/Cousin's birthday meal out. It was £15 (but quality is Topshop worthy so worth every penny.)

2) The mustard yellow top is something I saw and was attracted to straight away but I had my reservations as with my hair colour I worry about wearing yellow. Ally assured me it did not clash or look funny and for £5 I got it. I need more colour in my wardrobe and this two pocket silky oversized top definitely screams me

3) I have Benefit's High Beam already and was not too interested in Benetint. I picked Posie Tint not just because it was cheap but because I already read Glamour regularly and this was just a bonus. I didn't expect wonders but I actually love it. On the cheeks its really quite a bright pink but looks so natural and lasts allllll day.

4) I know I know!! Not another MAC lipstick. Well, yes. The Mac counter in Selfridges is right next to the train station so we always pop in on the way home. And even though I'd already spent a fortune I was still looking for Costa Chic and Shy Girl. I tried out Shy Girl and found it not as beautiful as I'd expected? I couldn't find Costa Chic and there didn't seem to be a free Mac artist/assistant around to help (unbelievable right) but I did stumble across Snob.
Snob is one of those shades I never believed I could ever pull off. But I had a quick try on right there and then and realised its not quite as bright and in-your-face as I thought. Therefore - I bought it. Its a pinky lilac shade  and the photo is doing it no justice. The magic happens when its on your lips. I've not worn it out-out yet but I'm excited too!

5) Back to the classic French Manicure this week. Chipped already!

6) Another turquoise ring to add to the collection. I think I'd look a bit silly wearing them all at once. Again from Primark for a couple of pounds. And these amazing festival bracelets/beads are so gorgeous I wont be taking them off. 

7) I also treated my feet to a pair of Toms. This is my post about them if your interested...

Don't think I haven't noticed I have hit that 100 followers mark! AMAZING guys, thank you so so much! I love you all for reading my blog! And in celebration I have decided to give away some lovely prizes...
The give away (which I'm really excited about and keeping hush hush for now) should take place some time next week. I want to let my current give away finish first before I start a new one! 

* Don't forget its your last chance to enter my give away which ends tomorrow Fathers Day at 7.00pm




  1. Totally love both Primark purchases- how pretty is that dress! And mustard yellow is one of my favourite colours for tops, if I get one thing from Primark this week it needs to be that top. Enjoy your meal out tomorrow, and congratulations on 100 followers :) xx

  2. Love the dress, it's so pretty :) Posietint and the MAC lipstick are gorgeous too!
    Well done on your followers aswell! :) 100 is amazing! xxx

  3. Great things.
    I love the dress and the ring.
    Congratulations :)

    xx Viktoria

  4. I love both of those Primark pieces, the mustard yellow top is so nice! I think I need to add 'Shy Girl' to my collection, I'm such a lipstick addict at the moment. Congrats with the followers (:

  5. great primark finds! whenever i pop in there they don't have that dress in my size :(
    congratulations on the followers! x

  6. Ah that mustard top is fab! Those bracelets are gorgeous too - where are they from? XO

  7. Dress #1 is just lovely! The color, the fabric, the cut- it is just perfect in every way. I would probably buy two as well! xx

  8. @CHARLIE - the bracelets are Primark too! They have some great stuff in there at the moment.

    @Elise - I was lucky to find the right size too, I think I went on the right day they had so many of these dresses!

    @Jennyboo - I'm quite tempted to buy all the colours!

  9. Congrats on hitting 100 followers! I love the dress, it's beautiful! If Primark was in the USA I would be making a dash to the store to buy it!


  10. Totally shocked by how much primark have upped their game. The dress is beautiful!

    I'm your new follower :) hii!


  11. Congratulations on 100 followers!! The dress is gorgeous, as is the lipstick! xxx

  12. wow those Primark purchases are lovely! I picked up the Posie tint too, it's quite nice really!

    Love Amie


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