Thursday, 16 June 2011

TOMS | A Comfortable Classic

I just had to post quickly about my new love for Toms... 

I'm guessing espadrilles are not to everyone's taste. I was first introduced to this summers fad by Primark and Topshop who were selling pairs made from what seemed like straw and canvas. I liked the way they looked but they were completely impractical for day to day wear as holes would be formed in minutes. 

Unknown to me, Toms are quite something else entirely. They are made of a thicker canvas upper, meaning you can't see every toe popping through the material and the bottoms are soft rubber. They are still definitely a summer shoe, and won't last for a trek up the mountains. What I love the most are the soles... soft, moulded, bouncy and so so comfy! 

I have a pair in Navy (although the image above is from a website) and my friend also bought hers today in Grey. More elaborate designs are available.

Toms are an LA based company who give a pair of shoes to a child in need every time they sell a pair. So I can feel even better about my purchase knowing my money is also going to a good cause.

I'd say if you were on the fence about these then go for it and get a pair! I cant speak for how long lasting they are as I've only had them on my feet a few hours - but with some care I hope they last me until next summer!

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  1. they look amazing!
    i have been thinking about getting some espadrilles but wasn't sure, now i have these lovelys to consider! x

  2. I really want the pinky/reddish toms. But I feel guilty because I don't want to spend £30 on them, even if they are for charity! - oops

  3. i never used to like espadrilles either but after seeing the range in colours and styles of Toms (i saw some amazing nautical ones with anchors on!) i actually love them. plus they look so comfy! :)

    Mollie from

  4. im still on the fence but why not gve them a go x

  5. I've never been a huge fan of espadrilles but I've heard quite a bit about Toms recently... reckon I'm gonna get myself a pair and just see how I get on! XO

  6. These look so comfy - i want a pair! x


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