Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Outfit of the Evening

This is the dress I blogged about a few days ago, I wore it out to a meal on Father's Day. I love it. Its the perfect summer length, not too short not too long, so I can wear it without tights in the summer breeze and not worry about revealing too much.

I'm wearing tights here though - it was a bit chilly outside and I was heading to work straight after the meal. I'm also only wearing my work pumps which are boring black cheap ones. 
But I'd wear this on a hotter occasion with bare legs and colourful wedges.

The bracelet is a solid black one with a gold feather detail and for the life of me I can't remember where its from. The belt is Primark - I wear it with everything.

My hair has now reached the length of my hair extensions when curled, so I only wear them for added volume! I might invest in some longer ones but I kinda feel hair longer than this looks unnatural on me. 
I curled my hair using a Babyliss Wand that I'm really getting the hang of now and I'm liking these slightly tighter curls than my usual barely-there waves. 

Silly me didn't realise the slip underneath the dress was actually detachable and I only have to cut the little plastic ribbons that join them together. Instead I spent a good 5 minutes fighting my way in to it. 

I'm really getting on top of my blogging recently, I've got all sorts of ideas about posts including skincare and health and fitness. Let me know if you'd be interested in any of those?
I've usually always got a couple of posts in draft ready to be published  - so yey me :)

I've also decided that my blog give away is going to go live this Friday!! 




  1. You look amazing :) some good ideas for posts to come as well. I'd love to read the fitness one! I sometimes wish I had long hair, stuck with short now though haha


  2. You look great :-) I bought that dress last week. I like skin care posts :- x

  3. You look awesome, I love the colour of this dress and your hair's fab!

  4. Lovely dress hun, it'll look gorgeous with colourful wedges, like a bright cobalt blue or something! xx

  5. You look gorgeous! I love this dress and the way you paired it with the tights! Your hair is so pretty!


  6. Oh, that dress is gorgeous - I love the floaty, sheer bottom! Great colour, too. x

  7. Just beautiful ! The color, the fabric, how you wear it... everything is perfect !



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