Monday, 20 June 2011

Outfit of the Day: All Things Bright

Hello people! My outfit posts are rare and underwhelming. But here you go anyway, I do enjoy posing infront of the camera even if I look like a twat most of the time. 

This is the mustard yellow top from Primark (£5) I blogged about the other day. Its a size 10 but quite an oversized fit and I think it makes me look huge in these photos, but irl its lovely. 
I wore this outfit last night just to my local for a few drinks - I'm wearing my Topshop Super Skinny Jeggings that are too boring to photograph and my ASOS brown loafers which I love dearly. 

The bracelets and ring are also Primark and were featured in my new buys post. Does anyone else wear their newly bought items straight away like me? I'm just too excited to wait! And then in a few weeks they will become boring, un-new items that sit in my wardrobe collecting dust. 

The necklace is a H&M one from ages back that I still really like. Its tiny little charms include a padlock, a key, the no.3, and a % sign. Quite odd and I often get comments on it. 

Makeup wise I am wearing Collection 200 concealer, Benefit's Posie Tint Blush stain, Urban Decay NAKED palette various shades, Maybelline Collossal Mascara, Elf's Gel Eyeliner and Mac Angel Lipstick. 

Yesterday was Father's Day, did everyone do something nice?
I actually probably enjoyed the day more than my Dad did. With my two older siblings we bought him three dvds and some fancy chocolates. I watched one of the dvds with him during the day and then with the rest of my family went for a meal to celebrate my cousin's birthday and of course Father's Day. I had work that night but actually enjoyed it  - just the pub regulars and me on my laptop.

Looking forward to Made In Chelsea tonight and eating my Dad's chocolates ;)




  1. I don't think this is underwhelming at all! I think you look beautiful and you've styled your outfit perfectly.
    Much love Amie

  2. i love the top and your eye make up! x

  3. I'm not usually a fan of the mustardy yellow colour but it really suits you.

    i'm your new follower :)

  4. Love this gorgeous look and the photos are absolutely lovely as well. I'm also loving the more over-sized fit of your top, it's very modern & chic... and the colour is fabulous on you! Hope your Monday is a terrific one. xx veronika

  5. Love mustard yellow. This color always works !

    I've started a blog :
    Could you please check it out ? Thanks !

  6. Your eye make ups amazing in this x


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