Thursday, 9 June 2011

Naked Spending!

A few things I have spoilt myself with this past week...

 Urban Decay NAKED palette, Rimmel 'Soft Coral' Lipstick, MAC 'Espresso' eye shadow, Models Own 'Utopia' Polish
Mac Espresso eye shadow purchased in Golden Glow's Blog Sale
 Inside the NAKED palette
Nude Chocker's heels bought from ebay seller 

1) Hands up, who's sick of of hearing about and seeing the Urban Decay Naked palette?
Not me! I've been meaning to grab hold of this for ages and finally took the plunge and bought it from the House of Fraser website before they sold out. I have a strange feeling these palettes may be discontinued soon so if you've been toying with the idea of getting one - get it now
I've not had the chance to try it out yet but I'm very excited and it looks just as beautiful in person as it does on everyone's blogs.

2) I wanted the Models Own polish in Utopia since I saw it on Vivianna's blog. Its a gorgeous very pale lilac/pink/cream colour and is like no other polish I've seen before. You can see I'm wearing it on the images above. My new favourite!

3) Rimmel's Lipstick in Soft Coral was an impulse buy and one I sadly regret. It looks beautiful in the photos here and swatched on the back of my hand but does absolutely nothing for me on the lips. I'm dying to find a coral shade that suits me, any recommendations? 

4) I'm very pleased with my blog sale purchase - Mac's Espresso is a warm brown shade with gold under tones and ever so slight shimmer.

5) Mega chunky heels have been on my wish list forever. I've always liked this wrap around style as they are really comfy to wear all night and the huge platform helps too. I first spotted these on but found them for a slightly cheaper price from this ebay seller. Always look around first people!


Keep your eyes peeled for a mini give away on my blog this Saturday or Sunday! 


  1. I love those shoes - are they good quality though? I remember a chockers on the high street but never really shopped there.
    I've reeeally been wanting the urban decay naked palette.. I might have to get it now it might be discontinued! :O The colours do look so so good!

  2. Pleased you like Utopia! It's such a lovely shade! And I NEED those shoes!! xx

  3. i loovvve those shoes!:)

  4. Those shoes are amazing, and I think I'm quite possibly one of the only bloggers that hasn't got the UD Naked palette aha!

  5. I had grown sick of hearing about the Naked palette, but I only went and placed my order yesterday, didn't I?! So excited to get mine through next week (: I have 'Utopia', it's a perfect colour, looks so sophisticated and fresh at the same time. xx

  6. I reeeally want a Naed palette, it always gets such fab reviews. Will have to do a cheeky wee online order soon!

  7. I love that Models own colour - and those shoes are incredible!


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