Sunday, 26 June 2011

In a Week...

...or two!
Where have my regular Sunday 'In a Week...' posts gone?
God knows. But they are back now! This one including some photos from a few weeks back too, I need to catch up, and to be honest I've not been doing very much this week alone.

I apologise for the crappy TwitPic quality phone images, but these were just that. 
If you don't follow my Twitter then you should! 

1) The first photo is from a night out last week where I'm looking very bronzed thanks to St Moriz. I also love that playsuit to bits, its from H&M.

2) On 13th June I took a little road trip with two of my besties to Trafford to see The X Factor auditions! Tickets were free but we did have to stand outside for a good 3 hours in the cold. Hence bad photograph of me. Celebs spotted include Olly Murs, Dermot O'Leary and Louis Walsh! We of course saw all the new judges too and some great singers and some bad ones. I'm quite excited about this years X Factor, I hope I spot myself in the audience...

3) Dominos girlie night in with Sex and the City and G&Ts. 

4) My hair in rollers before going out on Thursday - I couldn't leave them in long enough and my hair was still damp when I was running out the door. I need to get myself some heated ones.

5) Here we are with The Blanks! If anyone's a fan of Scrubs you will recognise these gentleman as Ted's band. Yes they are a real band and we went to see them on Thursday night. They were brilliant and so friendly, I even got a huge hug from Ted (Sam Lloyd) !


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  1. Oooh looks like you had a good week! :) You look really pretty in the first photo and also I will be looking out for you when the X Factor starts again!! :) Hehe

    Love Hannah xxx

  2. AHHHHHH haha, ted is the funniest character! cant believe the band is actually real!

  3. I was at that Blanks gig! They were so good, and lovely people too. Have a picture pretty much like yours (;

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