Sunday, 5 June 2011

In a Week...

1) The past week the weather has been lovely and hot so taking day trips to local villages and towns to see art galleries, shops, and baby ducks was a perfect plan! Its been unexpectedly warm, but that's why maxi skirts are so useful (to hide away pale legs!) I'm still trying to find a midi that suits me.

2) My week back from the US has been a quiet one in main. I'm working as many hours that are available and saving up the pennies. Although, new shoes could not be helped! 

3) I recently bought a 35mm Pentax MZ-5n film camera on ebay for a great price and saved about £50+ depending on where else you buy. I love it dearly and am very precious about each shot as film is so expensive. I'll upload the images I've taken when I finally fill a roll and go get it developed! Fingers crossed it all turns out okay because I'm very much getting into the idea of film photography. 

4) Sorry for the lack of photos, my In a Week... is usually much more appealing but I've done very little that requires photographing this week. Next week should be much more interesting! Have a good one guys.



  1. The picture of the ducklings is so cute! Good luck with the film camera, it's the luck of the draw sometimes, so hope you get some good ones! x

  2. Film photography is the best! I am majoring in photography (film) and you will totally fall in love with it, it's expensive, but so worth it! I can't stand digital anymore haha. Good luck! :)

  3. good luck with your new camera! :D

  4. The picture of those ducks is absolutely adorable! I keep asking my boyfriend to go feed some with me but he keeps putting it off :(


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