Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A Few Snaps - Film Photography

A few weeks ago I was rather excited to receive a vintage Pentax Mz-5n film camera that I'd fought for on ebay and won at a steal of a price. It came, I was happy. I was even more excited about reading the manual and cleaning the thing (yes, really.)
It's a shame I would be deemed a complete wierdo if I contacted the ebay seller personally to show my immense gratitude. A gushing comment on Feedback will have to do.

So when I finally filled by 24 exposure colour film this morning I couldn't wait to get the photos developed and see what I'd got!

I am a film convert!

Now there's no way I could ever switch to film permanently because I love the endless possibilities of digital and my Nikon DSLR is my most treasured possession. Not to mention the cost of film photography. But I can't wait to get out and take more shots!
In my last few posts mentioning film photography you guys left some lovely comments about how I will be pulled by it and fall in love, and I have!

I love the effect achieved in these images and not a single one has been altered/photoshopped so that vintage-old age-worn colour-effect is just the camera! Wow!!

So these are only a few tester shots to get me going but I think some have come out great. I plan on tugging my Pentax along with me to shoots using my DSLR so I can snap a few vintage-style photos. 
You can see a few more here on my Flickr.

I've got a few new naughty buys to share with you lot. I've been spending money I don't have again, tut tut. 
My only downer to the day was that WHSmiths had sold out all 4 copies of Advanced Photographer that they had in stock. 

Let me know what you think and any tips/hints/tricks are much appreciated! 




  1. love the one with the red umbrella, you should try using expired film or a holga camera sometime...every photo will be a surprise! You should also find a darkroom class or workship so much fun!

  2. workship? hahaha workSHOP

  3. These pictures are amazing! I'm not even into photography and you've made me want my own film caera1

  4. The shoes u are wearing in the last pic are so cute! Where did you get them?


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