Sunday, 29 May 2011

USA Part 3 - New York

New York New York! The final in my series of USA travel blogs. And quite honestly, it is as amazing as everyone says it is. I think the thing with big cities is that although you can be miles away from home, they can always remind you of the big cities in the UK. Now I'm not saying New York was just a bigger Manchester but the similarities are there! 
Everywhere was packed. We went in May therefore hoping to avoid the 'summer holiday rush' but no chance. Getting through Times Square to shoot photos was almost impossible as everyone is rushing around this way and that. One step in to the road could be fatal (driving is wild) and I never did quite get the hang on the traffic driving on the other side of the road! Whoops.

As you can see we did indeed go and see a NY Yankees vs Red Sox game at the stadium! I'm not a huge sports fan but it was an incredible experience and lots of fun. Giant foam finger at the ready we sat down with our $12 beers in hand and got ready. During the game the big screen shows random audience members and occasionally get them to join in with games (such as flexing your muscles or kissing the person next to you) I'm so glad the camera didn't focus on me I think I might have died from embarrassment but the Americans seem to take it on the chin and embrace the embarrassment! 

I saw a small area of Central Park, because its absolutely massive! And we visited Wall Street, Grand Central Station, a Macy's store, witnessed the horrors of the New York City Metro and became fairly stressed out looking at the map. We also visited the place where the Twin Towers used to stand (a memorial is being built there at the moment) it was strange, quiet and eerie to stand where everything happened. I tried to imagine the hundreds fleeing down the street where I was standing and it was impossible. It made it very real. I think over in the UK, for those September 11 did not directly effect, we felt distanced from the tragedy - so standing right at the centre of it was quite a shock. 

I loved New York and one day I will go back. But that goes for all the places we visited. America is such a huge place I doubt I will ever see every state but I still have a few major ones on my check list. Although I was impressed by New York and loved the atmosphere in Boston, I think out of the three I would choose to live in DC. It still has the advantage of being a city where a lot happens. There is tons to see and do but at the same time the streets are peaceful and neighbourly. Everyone goes out of there way to be polite and it felt very clean and homely. 

But for now I'm sticking to the UK. I missed my parents and my friends. I missed Manchester and the English accents! I even missed the weather a little bit and for my first few days home I enjoyed the rain!

Hope you enjoyed my Travel Blog series - I will now steadily be getting back to my normal posts and promise to try not to talk about the US all the time....



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  1. Your photos are amazing! The baseball looks so cool as well, my boyf supports the yankees so he will be super jealous! I can imagine the stress of the metro haha! xxxx


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