Tuesday, 24 May 2011

USA Part 1 - Washington DC

Our first day in DC was spent wandering for miles (literally). The first image is of the Capitol building, of which we had a guided tour. Inside was impressive... huge paintings, sculptures, lots of American history, gift shop... that sort of thing. Seeing The White House after this palace was a bit of a let down - it's tiny in comparison!
Is anyone else super excited that President Obama's in the UK right now! He's a huge celebrity over there (and here) I think I would be quite honoured and tongue-tied if I was to ever meet him!
We also managed to sneak in a tour of The White House during our visit (which is not easy, and only thanks to my sister knowing the right people!)

We saw the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial (see 3rd image) which was beautiful. White stone pillars surrounded the raised platform and provided great views of DC.
I was feeling well and truly thrown into American culture by this point.

This photo was taken after a long day at the Washington Zoo! I think you can tell we're exhausted. The burgers at this place were amazing and afterwards we strolled through Georgetown, visited a Wallgreens, CVS and Whole Foods before collapsing at my sisters apartment.

These photos were taken at Arlington. We visited the thousands of graves and memorials of the soldiers, saw JFK's burial ground and even witnessed 'the changing of the guard' outside the Tomb of the Unknown Solider. It was such a peaceful experience but a scorching hot day so walking wasn't really an option and after a few hours we headed back to the coolness of the Metro.

A view of DC from the top of 'Newseum' Museum on another beautiful day. (And our last)

My first American breakfast - fried potatoes, pancakes, berries, sausage, scrambled eggs and syrup! A strange combination that somehow tasted fantastic, mmmmm.

I'm already missing Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies, How I Met Your Mother repeats and warm sunny weather.
What I loved most about the museums in DC, especially Newseum which is amazing - was the amount of photography displayed. A particular favourite of mine being the 'President's Photographer' gallery, where you can see the 'real people' behind the powerful figures.

Boston and New York Photos Coming Soon!



  1. This looks amazing! Can't wait to see the rest! x

  2. You're making me jealous! Your photos are stunning and all the white looks beautiful in them. Im glad you had a great time and fully know what you mean about Obama, he just oozes power and cool! xxx


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