Sunday, 1 May 2011

In a Week...

Hi guys! I've been a bit quiet recently on the blogging front, I know... but I have to do my In a Week...
I've got some great photos to share with you....

Ok so... guess where I went!
Yes, Knowsley Safari Park and it was amazing. I've never been to a Safari Park before, and I'll be honest I was a bit nervous about how close the animals would be to the car. As it turns out... they come very very close! Check out the picture of the huge Rhino crossing the road in front of our car!
I got some great photos and was tempted to upload them all but I think 300+ images may be a bit heavy for a blog post.
We saw lions bathing in the sun, baby baboons climbed on to our car roof, and emus stuck their head right through the windows! What I didn't know was that Knowsley have a farm yard area, sea lions, otters, birds and meercats to offer too.
So after petting the lambs and ponys, and seeing red squirrels (for the first time) we sat down to a sea lion show and large bird show (not at the same time) The falcon and owl pictured above flew right over the audience's heads but provided some me with some great shots!

Friday night was a different affair....


In celebration of the Royal Wedding (which I watched all of by the way, with a huge coat hanger smile on my face - but I wont blab on about how much I love the Royal newly-weds!) ...and to celebrate a friends birthday, we headed down to our local followed by a taxi into town. Lets say the next morning wasn't quite as bright and chirpy. My blue shirt dress is actually Primark and as you can see photographed rather... brightly! It was a little darker irl, more Kate inspired ;)

The rest of my week I've spent planning for my hols (only 6 days away now!) eating out with friends and saying bye to those going back to Uni for exams (good luck!)



  1. The safari park looks amazing, I keep meaning to go to Longleat with my parents as they look like a brilliant day out. You look gorgeous Gwen, such a pretty dress! xx

  2. Awesome pictures, I want to go on safari again now!! Looks like you ladies had fun on Friday night too =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  3. Oh wowww that place looks so cool! So close up to the animals
    I've never been on a safari before


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