Monday, 23 May 2011

Guess who's back in the UK!...

My Brother, Sister and Myself at the Capitol Building - Washington DC

Yes, I am back on British soil and quite happy to be home! My plane landed on Sunday morning and I've spent most of Sunday and Monday catching up on sleep and trying to come to terms with regular life. My head is still 5 hours behind!

I had an amazing trip and came home with so many memories and pictures (which I will be sharing with you all very soon!) I've decided to split my USA Holiday blogs into three - DC, Boston and NYC. This way I can share the stories and images without bombarding you with ten page blogs.
I will also try and wedge my regular posts and ramblings in between my holiday blogs for those of you who couldn't care less about my travels!

I must tell you I treated myself quite considerably during my two weeks away with a few expensive beauty/make-up products from Duty Free and presents for everyone back at home! I don't regret splashing the cash, although I am now on a spending ban and have my (weary) sights set on work work work.

I've missed blogging lots and it felt quite strange to log on to my account and see everyone has been updating like crazy and I've missed out on so much! My YouTube subscription list is also wildly out of control as well as my emails, so bare with me while I catch up.

Two weeks has felt like 2 months in the blogging world!



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  1. Gosh your so lucky! Hope you had a lovely time, can't wait to see your purchases :) xx


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