Monday, 2 May 2011

April Favourites

Let's start this month's favourites with a black and white portrait
Lazy day today, wearing a chunky knit cardigan from Miss Selfridge, jeans and no make up. Easy. Ready for breezy walks on the moors and blogging....

On with the favourites...

1) Oversized Sunglasses
- New Look £4.99

2) Baking
- anything from buns to a Victoria Sponge, I've been a busy bee by the oven this month. Check out all my baking antics here.

3) Nail Art
- loving playing about with fun nails at the moment. These are my blue leopard print design using Barry M Pale Blue.

4) Day Trips
- this month day trips to Watergrove Res, Knowsley Safari Park, Martin Meer, and Art Galleries with my parents have reminded me of old times and been really enjoyable especially in the sunny weather!

5) Getting Organised
- planning for a holiday can be quite stressful but I've stayed pretty well organised this month. I have all my travel documents in one place now and a list of everything I need to do, and when I need to do them. More on this soon....

6) New Desperate Housewives 
- so excited that the girls are back on my screen again! Yes! Lynette and Tom Scavo are my favs.

7) Favourite Blog of the Month: Sofias Journal
- I'm sure many of you are followers already but I love reading Sofia's entries and I get so inspired by her blog!



  1. Your leopard print nails look so cute, mine always end up a complete mess when I try to do nail art!
    I'm loving Desperate Housewives being back too. Tom is defs my favourite, he is just the loveliest man ever!
    Your cake looks so good, I haven't baked anything for ages, will have to try out that recipe soon :)

  2. The nails look great, and oh man, baking... I'm craaaving something sweet x

  3. love the blog, and I just finished watching the first season of desperate housewives on netflix!

  4. I'm seriously impressed by your nails, they look lovely! Also I read The 19th Wife last year and really enjoyed it, hope you are too! xx


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