Thursday, 14 April 2011

My Top Ten Tanning Tips

Now the suns occasionally peeping from the clouds,
its time I gave my ghostly pale self a little colour.

I'm using St Moriz Dark at the moment and its perfect for creating a natural bronzed glow without being orange, or too dark. The pictures here show me applying one coat.
You can see the difference it makes! Two coats for me, would create that '2 weeks abroad' look.
But depending on your natural colouring depends on how dark the tan develops.

Also timing with St Moriz is important.
The bottle states leave for 4-6 hours.
Forget this.
Leave it on overnight, for at least 8 hours. Otherwise the shower will just wash away all of your hard work!

My Top Tips...

1. Exfoliate like mad the day before tanning.

2. Moisturise all over the day before.

3. Moisturise dry areas 30 minutes before.

4. Apply mousse tan with a tanning mitt but wear gloves underneath to avoid orange hands!

5. Deodorants or perfumes can have a strange effect on the tan, so can sweating - so keep still and cool whilst waiting for it to develop!

6. Use a make up sponge or powder puff to apply tan to toes and fingers.

7. Wipe palms of hands clean with a make up wipe and dry on a dark towel.

8. Use a small amount of tan on neck (bronzer can always be used to match neck to chest if needed)

9. Keep your tan looking lovely with a gradual tanning moisturiser everyday.

10. When washing hands in day-to-day life, wash further up past wrists to avoid tell tale 'tide marks'

I have to admit I'm rubbish at keeping on top of my tanning routine and will often just slap it on the night before a big day or important date and hope for the best. I'm also looking into finding a gradual facial tanner, so any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Does anyone have any useful tips of their own?


  1. Wow it looks great! :) Just wondering... how do you tan your face? I've always wondered :)

    Love Ellen

  2. Ah you're so good at self-tanning! I always have massive disasters and it's so obvious because my skin goes the same colour as my hair :( might try this out though! THAAAANKS :)
    Ellie xxxxx

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