Monday, 4 April 2011

Muted Shades

These photos were taken of yesterdays outfit. It was my cousins 21st birthday so we had a bit of a family get together. I chose this Primark sleeveless blouse, Topshop Super Skinny Jeans and ASOS loafers. I also threw on a H&M camel blazer which I didn't photograph.
I tried out this polka dot style on my nails which is super easy and looks great with white dots on Models Own 'Nude Beige'.
My necklace is from Malaya Jewellery and I picked and customized it myself at The Clothes Show Live in Birmingham a few years ago. Its a tiny black and gold locket with a letter 'G' paired with a little cream rose and its one of my favourites.

My hair extensions are seeing the light of day once again. I've not worn them in a good 4 months so was nice to have slightly longer/thicker hair for the day. I'm aiming to get my own hair to this length!

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend and treating your Mum on Mother's Day. Us kids chipped in and bought Mum a mini selection hamper of Honeybuns cakes and cookies. My mum has a wheat intolerance and these are the best (and most expensive!) wheat-free cakes we have ever found. She can stock them up in the cupboard (or even freezer) and savour them for a few weeks until she runs out!

Other than that I've just been working this weekend and saving up lots. I've got a Manchester shopping trip planned for Wednesday and a list as long as my arm!



  1. I love these colours so natural & chic. Your nails look fantastic and I'm v. jealous of your tattoo! x

  2. 1. I love your top
    2. I love your nails
    3. I love your tattoo!

    That's a whole lotta loving going on right there! xxx

    I'm having a mini giveaway if you wanna check it out too! :) xx

  3. I am so jealous of your ASOS loafers, I wanted some but they were all sold out when I managed to get online! Love the colour co-ordination of the nails and top. xx

  4. ahhhh!! love so much about this!! the muted colors, your dotty adorable nails, your loafers and that tattoo?! alllll soooo gooood! and thank you thank you soooo much for your sweet comments!!

    ashley <3

  5. so so beautiful! your blog is so pretty! following you :)

  6. Your dotty nails... Sooo cute! <3


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