Saturday, 23 April 2011

In a Week...

Reading in the Sun / Myself / Driving down country lanes / Pine cones / Reflections / Squirrel Bush Sculpture / Flamingos / Rooftop Duck / Baby Duck /  New Lace White Shoes

I'm posting my In A Week... early this week due to Easter Sunday's post being special in its own right....
Heavy picture based post this week, it seems like I've taken more photos in this one week than all year! 

On Tuesday me and the parents took a trip to Martin Meer Wild Fowl and Wetlands Trust and saw all sorts of water birds, baby ducklings and even a few otters munching fresh prawns. 
It was nice to go on a day trip with them, it reminded me of when I was little. And I always enjoy a car journey in the sun. I think road trips are my favourite form of transport over trains, buses, boats and even planes - any day. Probably because I link trains and buses with school/college/uni and car journeys with holidays and new places. 

Wednesday we took a trip into Manchester City Centre, I had a hospital appointment but afterwards we ate huge chocolate brownies in Whitworth Art Gallery and pondered over all the photography books in the gift shop for ages. I decided against buying any as I can get the same for cheaper on Amazon, but did request my mum buys me a Build Your Own Pinhole Camera and other bits and bobs for my birthday!
Speaking of which, my pop up flash diffuser arrived today! I've not given it a proper test run but so far it seems to make a big difference - and for so cheap too!

On Thursday evening a few friends and myself went walkies with Titan (6month old Chihuahua) to the lake. I've never had a dog so it was quite a novelty to walk him on his lead. He's still a baby so does crazy things like strutting off into oncoming traffic and (almost) falling down grass verges. 

Friday = Pub Fridays. Nothing new there. Wasn't a late one, just a quiet night at our local. 

Apart from all that I've just been chilling outside in the sun, reading, drinking tea, admiring my new white lace pumps (Primark £6.00)
I was a bit naughty yesterday and paid an awful lot of money for a new mineral foundation. More money than I have ever spent on make-up before so I hope its worth it! I'll let you know when it arrives!




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  2. Ohhh I used to love going Martin Meer with my grandparents! Totally forgotten about that place! :))

    And wow. I'm going to take the place of your mother and say tutut for spending that much on foundation ;) Oj, Ive heard good things about Laura Mercier, should be worth the money :D
    x <3

  3. Sounds like a lovely relaxing week in the sun! Such pretty photos xx


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