Sunday, 17 April 2011

In a Week...

Last night (Saturday) I was under the impression my Sunday morning to mid afternoon would be a lazy relaxing one. My parents had other ideas.
They're teachers and are currently on Easter Half Term, therefore trips out to do things such as walking and 'getting fresh air' are required. But it was a beautiful day and with prospect of photo-taking-opportunities on the horizon I donned my pumps and set off.

The pictures above were taken at Watergrove Reservoir, not far from where I live. We got quite close to a friendly sheep before I chickened out and left the poor thing alone before it took a sudden disliking to me.
I think I walked about 4 miles (hills and valleys!) and got home just in time for a 10 minute collapse before I had to get up and go to work.
Its safe to say I'm absolutely shattered now and only managing to blog whilst I watch The Only Way Is Essex.

Other goings on this week, 
1) Impromptu photo shoot in Alison's back garden on Tuesday see my blog post about it here
2) I saw Limitless on Wednesday - loved it, I like a good action/thriller film that's not all explosions and car chases.
3) Pub Fridays, see above with a Jacques Cider or is that Strongbow & Black?
4) Working at the Studio - editing and the likes. Very much enjoying it.

Think you can see I'm making the most of having my friend back before she disappears off to Leeds again! I'm also keeping up with my Water Challenge promises, today I drank two pints and yesterday I'd had three.
Right now I'm catching up on blogs, getting ready for bed and looking forward to another week...


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  1. I swear I try to do the water challenge every week, but never manage it! Too much love for tea! xxx


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