Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter, Happy Eating!

It's Easter Sunday! And that calls for Easter buns!
This recipe is the same as my Vanilla Chocolate Cupcakes apart from I made them plain vanilla sponge and topped with drizzled dark chocolate and Mini Eggs...
I suggest popping them in the fridge for an hour so the chocolate can set.

They went down a treat with my family and I am now official cupcake maker of the household. (I'm rubbish at biscuits) but I might try a big cake soon!

Hope your all enjoying your Easter Sunday! I'm working later on and not looking forward to a mad rush, Sundays are usually the grave yard shift. 

Not long now until I'll be jetting off on my jollies! Stocking up on last minute needed items and still panicking about this and that. This is the first plane journey I will have taken without supervision from the parents or more responsible adults present. And me being me, I'm trying to do everything and be the most organized traveller possible. Luckily my older brother is with me, but half the time were both as useless as each other!




  1. They look amazing... I wanted to do all that kinda stuff today but realized all the shops are shut for Easter, so no ingredients!

    Look so yummy tho :-)

    Dayner x

  2. these look crazily yummy! the photography on them is great by the way :)

    Mollie from

  3. They look yummy. I also baked cupcakes today and I'm also not good at baking biscuits! I shall soon learn hopefully. Lovely photos. :)


  4. omm, I'm so hungry :)

    btw, I love your photos, I follow your blog now.



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