Saturday, 12 March 2011

What's on my face?

I'm just off to work tonight, so nothing special. I quite like how my hair is at the moment, these photos aren't a great indication, my hair looks much more golden here than it is in real life. It's actually a medium ash blonde with hints of medium brown and light blonde running through it. I think next time I will ask for even more brown lowlights....

Here I just used my conical wand by Babyliss to create some more defined waves but mostly its my natural hair. I'm going for the lazy look tonight!

I'm wearing the usual assortment on my face, Collection 2000 concealer and Mineral Foundation (which is now discontinued!!) ELF's blush and bronzer duo, ELF gel liner, a MUA eye shadow and Colossal Mascara by Maybelline. I slightly filled in my brows with a blonde eyebrow pencil and I have Angel by mac on my lips. Used mostly bargain products
Not a very exciting post but I thought I'd check in before work.

Hope your all enjoying your weekends


  1. I like your hair! Very "couldn't care less"! x

  2. Your hair is really nice :) x


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