Friday, 11 March 2011

What's In My Bag?

Black and Grey, Leather and Canvas Slouch Bag from Urban Outfitters

So If you're anything like me, you love a good nosey into other peoples belongings! I've seen numerous 'What's In My Bag' tags on Youtube and Blogs so I thought I'd leap on the bandwagon. 
The bag I'm currently using is my Urban Outfitters slouchy one. I bought this in the sale about 6 months ago for about £30 reduced from £85! They also had it in brown and I'm still kicking myself for not buying both. Its very roomy, with a zillion zipped pockets, and one huge zip running down the middle, so you can store things (and lose things) inside the front too. The strap is just long enough to sit on my shoulder, I find bags you have to carry on your arm or in your hand just get in the way.

So what is actually in my bag?

1. Purse from Jane Shilton bought at TKMaxx, hold all my important cards, money, and shopping lists written on post-it notes.
2. Nokia E63 - I love this phone I wouldn't go anywhere without it.
3. Filofax Diary - for writing down important dates.
4. Ipod Nano - the first edition! I've had this ipod since I was 13 and now refer to it as 'retro' Its very beaten up but still works just fine! My ear buds are brilliant too, they cut off any outside noise.
5. Keys - for the obvious. Chunky pool ball keyring with my lucky number 5, and a mushroom from Super Mario Bros, great for finding at the bottom of my bag in the dark.
6. List Note Pad from Paperchase - for my list writing obsession .
7. A couple of biros 
8. Compact Mirror - from a Christmas Cracker!
9. Nivea Lip balm - my holy grail.
10. Blistex Lip Splash - for a more glossy hydrated lip.
11. MAC Lipstick in Angel.
12. ELF Lipstick in Runway Pink.
13. Hair Bands.
14. Aviator Sunglasses - Just in case!
15. Hand Food by Soap and Glory - best hand cream I've ever tried, for when my hands feel a bit dry.
16. ELF Studio Line Pressed Powder - good for creating a matte face.
17. Current Book/Magazine - this ones The 19th Wife, I'm halfway through at the moment. I like to always have something to read, you never know when you'll be stuck in traffic or in a waiting room.

Is there anything peculiar in your hand bag? I think mine is fairly tame, although I did discard all the sweet wrappers, old tissues and bits of fluff...




  1. is Angel lipstick nice?xxx

  2. Love this bag! I carry basically the same things as you! Well, minus the car keys, I don't have a car yet! And I carry a bit more travel makeup! (:


  3. I love this type of posts! Your bag looks gorgeous! Xx

  4. LOVE your bag and i love these posts!! i am always curious what people have in their bags!! so happy i got to see inside yours ;) also, thank you soooo much for your sweet comment, it means the world to me!!!

    ashley <3


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