Thursday, 10 March 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Polaroid Note cards, on my bedroom walls from Urban Outfitters

I've recently had the urge to spend spend spend and I'm building up quite a list. I've decided the best idea is to only allow myself to purchase items that will be beneficial to me on my trip to America. This includes, new spring clothes, essential make up purchases, travel sized versions of products, memory cards for my camera, transformer plugs, notebooks for organising and anything else I can possibly think of that can fit into a suitcase or will entertain me on the plane.

Going away is a great excuse to buy new things. I've recently purchased some lovely shoes from ASOS which I will post about as soon as they arrive, and told myself they are going to be the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned - perfect for walking around New York all day long! ....This may not be the case.

I'm desperate to get my hands on MAC Hue Lipstick (being the only female in the world not to have tried it) but am avoiding MAC like the plague because its quite possible I will end up buying more than just a lipstick. I may have to send in a stronger willed friend to buy it for me.

H&M's Spring Collection catalogues (up to around 5 different ones now) keep appearing through my door - and at work! I think H&M have scoured out my places of existence and are tempting me in as many ways as possible.
But after the last fiasco I will NEVER be ordering online from H&M again, so I may have to pop down and see what they have in store...

Plans for the weekend include a DVD night in with friends tomorrow and working Saturday and Sunday.

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  1. I agree, I tend to buy SO many things in preparation for trips! Love the note cards on your wall, they look absolutely divine.



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