Monday, 14 March 2011

This Week's Wish List

These are my most desired items right now, and I'm planning a little trip into town very soon.
I have in fact, already purchased some high waist vintage style denim shorts (A surprising win on a ebay auction last night) originally from Urban Outfitters, but I'm still dying to try a pair on in New Look this week. If I end up having two perfect pairs I can always return my New Look ones. 
High waisted denim shorts were everywhere last spring/summer too but I somehow never got around to buying any. I think they will be fantastic for all things summer related and even for nights out. Until some warmer weather I will be wearing them with black opaque tights!

Another New Look treat, this boxy knitted jumper is doing its rounds on the blogs, and seems to be a firm favourite. I'm hoping they have some left in store for me! I think this camel colour is my favourite but the peach shade also looks appealing. 

Mac 'Hue' Lipstick is one I have been deliberating over for some time. I love my pinks and I love my nudes but I always worry about appearing too washed out. I have very pale skin with pink undertones and there is no way I could off Myth. Can anyone help me out? Will Hue be suitable for me?

Love everything and anything feather related at the moment. This hippy style necklace from H&M looks right up my street. I don't wear earrings, I've never even had my lobes pierced but the beautiful feather earrings I keep seeing everywhere might persuade me! 

Any shirt that ties up 1950s Pin Up Girl style I will be happy to adopt. This one would be perfect with high waist shorts/jeans/leggings. 

Finally I will be popping into WHSmiths with my vouchers in tow. I'm planning on saving most of the vouchers until September when I may need new stationary supplies or art books for Uni. But right now I do need a journal/planner/notebook for keeping track of all my scrappy post-it note lists and doodles. I buy new notebooks all the time with all these fresh ideas that I am going to be the most methodical person the world has ever seen. Not going to happen. I tend to organise with wild abandon.




  1. Hue is one of my favourite lipsticks! :)
    Also the jumper is really pretty xxx

  2. Love this wishlist! That boxy jumper is gorgeous, I love it! And the tie up sleeveless shirt! New look is great at the moment! Love your blog, I'm a new follower :)


  3. i love new look at the moment - i already have the shorts and the jumper and top are on my wish list too! x

  4. I am always searching for the perfect shorts. I really need new denim ones, and those look like winners. Those, the sweater, and that lipstick are all being added to my own wish list. Thanks.


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