Tuesday, 22 March 2011

One Day Like This A Year

Batwing Jumper - Topshop  
Brown Loafers - ASOS  
Levi Denim Cut Offs - Ebay  
Turquoise Stone Ring - LLYMLRS Shop

The windows are wide open and the central heating is turned off for the first time in months. The sun is beaming down and although its not yet summer temperatures, the weather is just lovely. As you can see my cats have been enjoying the sunshine just as much as me.
I know when the sun shines it makes me feel so much better, and science geeks tell us that its the sun rays that  release feel good chemicals in ourselves and that a little amount of Vitamin D (produced in our skin when met with UVB rays) is good for us!

A very casual outfit today, I just threw on this oversized jumper from Topshop which if I remember was about £18.00. These vintage high waist denim shorts are originally Levi jeans and I bought them on Ebay for under £15.00 without even knowing they were Levi. So I think I got a great bargain there! Still wearing tights, its not quite warm enough not too...

I love my new ASOS loafers. I can see a few of my less fashion-knowledgeable friends giving me a bit of stick about them as they are quite 'grandad shoe' but I don't care! Hoping to break them in enough to I can wear them with bare feet for hours of walking.

I purchased this oversized stone ring from Lily's shop, she's one of my favourite bloggers so go and check her out if you havn't heard of her already. 
I'm wearing my new Hue lipstick from MAC and I love it! I think it might be better suited to nights out where I'm wearing heavier eye make up as during the day it can look too nude.

I also made this little video today just for fun....




  1. You look lovely! Sunshine just makes everything in life better. :)


  2. Aaaw, love the cat and the shoes haha :) x

  3. love the shoes and shorts, a perfect spring time outfit :) x

  4. love the loafers and ring! what a great, effortless look!


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