Thursday, 31 March 2011

March Favourites

This is my very first monthly favourites, and I've decided to include more than just fashion items or beauty products. Let me know if you like these types of posts and I might make them a more regular thing!

I've spent most of March shopping for things that will be erm, 'beneficial' for me on my holiday (including nail art pens and expensive face cleansers... ahem)
The following are the things I've been enjoy the most in this past month of March...

1) Denim Shorts
- Primark Floral Shorts £8.00
- Primark Denim High Waist £8.00
- Levi Vintage Cut-offs £10.50

2) St Moriz Dark £3.00 and under
- creates a more satisfying summer bronzed look

3) Spring Colours
- Topshop Coral Cropped Tiered Top £18.00
- Pastel Nail Polishes from Models Own £5.00 each

4) The Ricky Gervais Show
I'm seriously enjoying the second series of this podcast-turned-animation-comedy-banter show with Ricky Gervais, Karl Pilkington and Steven Merchant. And as much as I dislike Ricky Gervais's comedy I find this show hilarious!

5) Making Plans
Travelling up to Leeds, work experience plans, travel plans, meeting up with friends, and making summer plans. I've loved filling up my diary this month and having things to look forward to. I feel pretty organised as of late and have even managed to control my list making to one notebook only.

6) Acoustic Versions
In particular, Robyn's 'Dancing on my Own' acoustic version - I've been listening to it over and over and over again, its just beautiful. Other mentions go to Kate Nash's cover of 'Men's Needs' by The Cribs.

7) Favourite Blog of the month : Vivianna Does Makeup
Love this girl's blog! She also makes videos on YouTube on everything beauty related and she seems so natural and real. She's very popular but I thought I'd share the love never the less in case you've not checked out her blog before.

Hope everyone's well and looking forward to the weekend xx


  1. I really want those Primark flowery shorts!xx

  2. I want those flowery shorts so bad!!!
    Makes me literally want to cry because theres not a Primark in Jersey :(

    I'm having a mini giveaway if you wanna check it out! :) xx

  3. I love St Moriz fake tan.... my friends in london have to stock up on it for me. This is such a lovely post, I might just have to copy you.


  4. Ah, so jealous of those floral shorts! I need to get a pair of those (: & I love the color of the topshop top! Amazing finds (:

  5. Aw I love reading posts like this! And I haven't heard of vivienne's blog so will defs check that out :) that topshop top is so cute!xx

  6. ahh love so much of this - Karl Pilkington in particular! haha x

  7. i've seen lots of posts showing primarks amazingly cheap shorts but the last two times i've been i can't find any :( i did pick up a cropped denim jacket though :) all these summery posts are making me even more excited for the summer :)

    lovely blog! xx


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